Durasonic Ultrasonic Bench top cleaners

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Durasonic’€™s ultrasonic cleaners provide superior performance of full-wave 45 kHz Ceramically Enhanced Industrial Transducers to the Benchtop line. Ceramically Enhanced Industrial Transducers provide greater cleaning power and reliability compared to conventional wafer type transducers. All units are supplied with either 0-30 minute analog or 0-99 minute digital timers and the heaters are thermostatically controlled.


  • Shorter cycle times for faster reprocessing of critical
  • Main on/off switch.
  • Analog model with timer.
  • Analog model with timer and adjustable thermostatically controlled heater.
  • Digital model with timer, heat, power control and degas.
  • All timers have continuous-operation capabilities.
  • Cover included with all units. spray assemblies
  • Ceramically Enhanced Transducers.

Lead Time: 7-10 business days

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