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Enzymatic Foam Spray CST-402S – Case of 22 Bottles


Sold as a case of 24, 22 fl oz spray bottles

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Conveniently guards against post-operative
residual “bio-burden build up” on surgical instruments

Stops dried on blood – enzyme foam breaks down & prevents stubborn
organic encrustation on surgical instruments.
Eliminates messy spills – no more spillage between the operating room
and central cleaning/processing department.
Neutral pH – safe and effective for stainless steel,
tungsten carbide, aluminum and brass instruments.
Bacteriostatic – microbiological control agents inhibit
bacterial growth in the ready-to-use foam solution.
Competitively priced – costs less without compromising performance.
Saves time – long lasting foam reduces the number of spray applications.
Multi-enzymatic – contains a synergistic blend of lipase and
protease enzymes.

1. After use, spray onto soiled instruments as quickly as possible, covering all instrument surfaces.
2. Let instruments soak in foam until ready for cleaning & sterilization.
3. Apply more CST-402S Enzymatic Foam Spray as needed, to keep instruments moist.
4. Rinse instruments, then proceed with regular cleaning & sterilization procedures.

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Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 16 in