GE Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Aespire

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The S/5 Aespire® was developed using GE’s unique approach to anesthesia workstation development – close and continuous collaboration with clinicians. It combines the proven performance of the 7100 Ventilator or 7900 Ventilator with Datex-Ohmeda® monitoring technology into an affordable system solution designed for clinicians throughout the world. The S/5 Aespire® utilizes the Advanced Breathing System, the ABS™. It’s design, based on your needs and expertise, is fully integrated into the workstation. Integrated electronics detect complete engagement or disengagement of the ABS™ while fewer parts and connections reduce the potential for leaks and misconnects, providing greater patient safety.

Utilizing the proven performance of the 7100 Ventilator or 7900 SmartVent, the S/5 Aespire® helps provide highly effective ventilation for standard pediatric to adult patients. The bellows provides a quick visual reference of the patient’s breathing stability.

The intuitive user interface allows constant visual confirmation of function. Software is easily upgraded utilizing memory sticks, so you can choose the ventilation capabilities you need. Standard software includes Volume Control ventilation, integrated volume and oxygen monitoring, electronic PEEP and alarm management.


Lead Time: 8-12 business days

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