GE Healthcare Aestiva/5 with 7900 Smart Vent & PSV Pro – RENTAL

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At the heart of the Datex-Ohmeda® Aestiva®/5 is the convenience, efficiency, and accuracy of the SmartVent ventilator. Offering both Pressure and Volume modes, the easy-to-use SmartVent™ enables the Aestiva®/5 to ventilate a broad range of patients: neonates, trauma, compromised, and routine cases.

The Aestiva®/5’s breathing circuit is integrated to help simplify cable management and improve patient safety. Components are protected from damage and disconnection. Smart sensors and switches provide uninterrupted communication between the breathing circuit and the SmartVent™ ventilator.

Hundreds of clinicians were consulted in every aspect of the Aestiva®/5’s state-of-the-art design. The goal: to give you more confidence and control over how you interact with your patient. You can get closer to your patient with monitors that are easily viewed and controls that are conveniently located whether you are sitting or standing.

The Aestiva®/5’s open architecture means it can fit easily with your existing equipment-monitors and accessories included. There are a wide variety of lower cabinet combinations of drawers and shelves, configurable top shelving options, and an integral dovetail rail that can be used to incorporate additional accessories.



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