Harloff Sure-Dry Stainless Steel 41″ wide scope drying area for up to 18 scopes (SCSS5430DRDP)

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The new standard for endoscope drying and storage cabinets is here with the SCSS5430DRDP SureDry cabinet from Harloff. This endoscope cabinet is made with stainless steel, commonly used in the manufacturing of medical devices due to its rust/corrosion resistance, anti-bacterial properties and ease of cleaning and sterilization. This spacious stainless steel endoscope cabinet allows for easy hanging and retrieval of up to 8 scopes for all scope types. SureDry cabinets are positive pressure scope cabinets with 2 intake and 1 exhaust fans that combine to create a fully redundant circulation system that removes 99.7% of particulates thanks to the system’s HEPA filter. Built with tempered glass double doors and a medical grade electrical system, this cabinet features multiple locking options and optional dimmable overhead LED lighting.
Sure-Dry Stainless Steel 30in wide 54in Tall scope drying area for up to 8 scopes. Tempered Glass Double Doors, Key Lock. Positive Pressure HEPA Filter Drying System. Fully redundant HEPA external drying system with Fan Run Time is Adjustable and Activated Each Time Cabinet is Closed. HEPA Filter Removes 99.7% of Particulates .03 Microns and larger. 2 Intake and 1 Exhaust Fans. Medical Grade Electrical System.

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