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Harloff SureDry Painted Low Carbon 60″ Wide Steel Scope Drying Cabinet, Capacity of 10 Scopes each cabinet Tempered Glass Double Doors, Key Locking.

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The Harloff SureDry Painted Low Carbon 60″ Wide Steel Scope Drying Cabinet presents a state-of-the-art solution for healthcare facilities needing secure, efficient, and high-capacity storage for medical scopes. Accommodating up to 20 scopes, this cabinet is designed with user convenience and safety in mind, featuring tempered glass double doors with a key locking system to ensure security. Its advanced drying technology employs a positive pressure HEPA filter system, coupled with 4 intake and 2 exhaust fans, to remove 99.7% of particulates 0.03 microns and larger, thus offering an exceptionally clean environment for stored scopes. The fan run time is intelligently adjustable and activates every time the cabinet is closed, optimizing drying without the need for manual intervention. Furthermore, the cabinet’s medical-grade electrical system and its new depth of 24 inches make it a perfect fit for medical facilities looking for a reliable, space-efficient, and effective scope storage solution.

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Harloff SureDry Painted Low Carbon 60″ Wide Steel Scope Drying Cabinet


  • Capacity of 20 Scopes
  • Tempered Glass Double Doors
  • Key Locking
  • Positive Pressure HEPA Filter Drying System
  • 4 Intake and 2 Exhaust Fans
  • Fan Run Time is Adjustable and Activated Each Time Cabinet is Closed
  • HEPA Filter Removes 99.7% of Particulates .03 Microns and larger, Medical Grade Electrical System
  • Now 24″ deep

Additional Information:

  • 12 Year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1 Year limited warranty
  • Carts should ship in less than 8 weeks
  • Available in 20 colors, please specify choice on PO

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