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Hausted APC All Purpose Chair

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The Hausted APC All Purpose Chair represents the epitome of versatility and efficiency in medical equipment, specifically designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of procedures ranging from emergency triage to outpatient surgeries. This all-purpose procedure chair transforms seamlessly from a traditional chair setup into a fully functional stretcher, facilitating easy transitions during treatment, transport, and recovery phases. Its compact and easy-to-clean thermoformed base, coupled with a space-saving design, enhances mobility within medical facilities. The chair is equipped with a four-wheel brake and steer system featuring 5-inch Easy Roll casters, ensuring smooth maneuverability across different surfaces. The APC chair supports a wide range of patient positions with adjustable backrest and knee flex settings, as well as Trendelenburg capabilities, providing optimal comfort and accessibility during various medical procedures. With a robust weight capacity, inclusive accessories like an IV pole, O2 tank holder, and safety straps, the Hausted APC All Purpose Chair is an indispensable tool for modern healthcare settings, ensuring both patient safety and comfort.

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Hausted APC All Purpose Chair

The Surgi-Stretcher Series is designed as a mobile surgical platform for EYE/ENT and plastic surgery procedures.

The Hausted® All-Purpose Procedure Chair is uniquely designed to provide a single patient platform for a wide variety of procedures in the:
• Emergency/Triage
• Surgery Center/Outpatient Surgery
• Physician’s Office
• GI Lab/Endoscopy

• Streamlined handling through treatment, transport and recovery
• Multi-positional, moving from chair to stretcher position in seconds
• Access to steer and brake pedals on all four corners

• Easy to clean thermoformed base with space spacing saving footprint makes chair easy to transport
• Four wheel brake and steer system with 5 inch (12.7 cm) Easy Roll casters


  • Overall Width: 27.75
  • Overall Length: 75
  • Overall Height: range – minimum 23.5
  • Overall Height: range – maximum 31.5
  • Patient surface Width: 22
  • Patient surface Length: 70.5
  • Side rail Length: 29
  • Side rail Height: 12
  • Comfort Mattress Pad: 3 in
  • Degree of movement:
    • Backrest: movement 0 – 80
    • Knee Flex: movement 0 – 75 Standard
    • Trendelenburg: 0 – 10
    • Reverse Trendelenburg: 0 – 10
  • Weight Capacity: evenly distributed 325 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 450

Includes: Telescoping IV pole, O2 tank holder, built-in chart holder, and patient safety strap


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