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Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed

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Experience a transformative approach to patient care with the Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed, a pinnacle of healthcare innovation designed to optimize patient recovery and streamline caregiver operations. With advanced safety features such as side rails, bed exit alarms, and adjustable configurations, this bed minimizes risks associated with patient mobility and ensures a secure environment for both patients and healthcare professionals. The ergonomic design, coupled with intuitive controls, allows caregivers to efficiently manage patient positioning, deliver medical treatments, and monitor vital signs, all while maintaining comfort and reducing physical strain. The Hill-Rom 1000 is equipped with electric controls enabling precise adjustments for patient comfort, a contouring foam mattress to alleviate pressure points, and robust construction for enduring use in dynamic hospital environments. Additionally, its capability to adopt positions like the Trendelenburg and cardiac chair, as well as lateral rotation, addresses various medical needs, enhancing patient care outcomes. This bed represents not just a piece of equipment, but a comprehensive solution for modern medical facilities aiming to deliver superior patient care and improve overall healthcare delivery.

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Discover a new level of patient care with the Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed. This state-of-the-art bed is designed to help patients achieve optimal rest and recovery and to help medical staff maximize efficiency.

The Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed is engineered with safety features to keep patients protected and secure. Its side rails and bed exit alarms work in tandem to prevent injuries. It offers low height and adjustable angles for easy patient transfers and reduces the risk of caregiver injury.

Enhance patient care with an ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls to help reposition patients, provide medical care, and monitor vitals.

The Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed has many features that make it an ideal option for hospitals and medical facilities.

Electric Controls – Make it easy for patients and medical staff to adjust the bed to their desired position. This includes adjusting the height of the bed, the position of the head and feet, and the angle of the backrest.
Comfort – Designed to provide maximum comfort, it’s equipped with a foam mattress and a contoured headrest, which helps to reduce pressure points.
Safety – It has side rails that can be raised and lowered as needed and a brake that locks the bed in place when not in use.
Durability – It is constructed with high-quality materials and is designed to withstand daily use in a hospital setting.

It is highly functional and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Trendelenburg Positioning – It can be easily placed in the Trendelenburg position during surgical procedures to improve blood flow and reduce swelling.
Cardiac Chair Positioning – It can also be placed in the cardiac chair position to improve breathing and circulation.
Lateral Rotation – It can be rotated laterally to prevent pressure ulcers for patients who are bedridden for an extended time.

The Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed offers many advantages over other hospital beds.

Easy to Use – It’s designed for ease of use with simple controls that can be operated by medical staff, patients, and their families.
Versatility – It can be used for a wide range of purposes in surgical and intensive care settings and long-term care facilities.
Patient Comfort – It has several features that help reduce pressure points and improve circulation.

The Hill-Rom 1000 Medical Surgical Hospital Bed is a versatile, durable, and highly functional bed that is designed to meet the needs of patients and medical staff. Its electric controls, comfort, safety, and versatility make it an ideal option for hospitals and medical facilities.

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