Interventional Supine Pillow System Contoured Pad and Support Wedge Pad


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Supports patient’s neck in a position of comfort to reduce muscle spasms
Secures the cervical spine in either neutral or rotation
Creates an unobstructed working space for physicians’ hands
Fully adjustable for both patient and physician needs
Head easily rotates to the opposite side of the injection with comfortable support of the ear and occiput. The dual resistive foam is designed to resist roll back.
The slightly raised position and beveled sides create a supportive yet unobstructed working space for the physician’s hands.
Relaxed cervical musculature from continuous contact with the neck and upper thoracic spine.
Reversible for left or right procedures.
Tapered support wedge can raise or angle the pillow to better fit the patient’s habitus, reduce muscle spasms, modify cervical flexion and allow for appropriate target visualization.
Highly radiolucent design for optimal imaging
Easily cleaned, reusable design
FDA Listed

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