Dual VistOR PRO LED Ceiling Mount


The VistOR PRO Procedural Light features a large 16-inch, highly-polished facetted reflector which keeps shadowing to a minimum and maximizes the light output. This pre-focused light also combines a great depth of field, smooth, drift-free positioning and an easy-to-change bulb that doesn’t require the use of tools.


  • 64,500 Lux light intensity from a single quartz halogen bulb
  • Color correct, extremely cool light output
  • Large pre-focused pattern
  • 36-inch depth of field
  • Large facetted reflector provides shadow free illumination
  • Color temperature: 4,000 K
  • Depth of Field: 36 inches
  • Bulb Life: 2,000 hours
  • Bulb Voltage/Wattage: 12VAC/90W
  • Available as a Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount, Freestanding Mobile Unit or Track Mounted on the Chuttle Track

Lead Time: 12-15 business days

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