OEC 6800 MiniView C-Arm

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It may be argued that the GE OEC 6800 is the best, at least in terms of advancements and features, among the mini c-arms. This category of imaging devices are not only smaller, hence more portable and compact, than their larger counterparts, they are also more affordable and less costly to operate and maintain.

The GE OEC 6800 is the first mini C-Arm to feature touch screen operation and 1k x 1k 16-bit image processing. It offers superior imaging technologies with real-time motion artifact and noise reduction, and automatic and manual digital brightness and contrast controls. Moreover, it will probably remain the latest of its kind as there appear to be no more plans for GE to release newer mini c-arms. This unit has dual 16-inch high resolution monitors, a CCD camera, removable PC diskette image archive capability, and a thermal printer. Laser aimer and DICOM enhancements are optional. A hospital platform version is available that increases its storage capacity to 400 images, offers relative measurement software, and performs real-time variable edge enhancement.

  • Dual Mode Image Intensifier
  • Footswitch
  • Contrast Controls
  • 200 Image Storage
  • Dual High-Resolution Monitors Last Image Hold
  • 1K X 1K x 16 Bit Image Processing
  • Touchscreen Monitors
  • Save and Auto-Save Feature
  • Swap and Auto-Swap Feature
  • Multi-Purpose Image Directory
  • Removable PC Diskette Image Transfer and Archive
  • Noise Filter with On-Screen Indicator
  • MANRS: Real-Time Motion Artifact and Noise Reduction System
  • Automatic Digital Brightness and Contrast Control
  • Manual Digital Brightness and Contrast Control
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