Olympic Warmette 56920 Blanket Warmer


The Olympic Warmette® Model 20 Warming Cabinet features a compact design which allows medical facilities to have warm blankets and solutions closer to where they are needed. The Warming Cabinet can be placed in or near rooms that are in need of warm blankets and solutions thereby eliminating the process of having to retrieve them from an inconvenient, centrally-located warmer. Convenient placement of the Blanket Warming Cabinet allows professionals to provide solutions and blankets to patients that are closer to the desired storage temperature.

The Hospital Blanket Warmer features simple controls which allow staff members to easily set their desired temperature. The temperature setting knob can be locked at five set temperature points: 100°F, 110°F, 120°F, 130°F, and 140°F. The Medical Blanket Warmer has a lockable temperature setting which allows professionals to keep the cabinet at their desired temperature without the worry of having the internal temperature tampered with. A signal light notifies staff members when the interior temperature has exceeded the user’s desired temperature. The radiant heating element on the Warmer Cabinet allows fluids and blankets to be heated uniformly.

Thanks to the transparent doors on the Nursery Warming Cabinets, staff members can keep track of inventory without having to open the cabinet which would result in unwanted temperature drops. The Blanket Warmer can be placed on a counter, mounted to a wall, or placed on top of a floor stand and features large comfortable handles that swing fully open for easy loading and unloading. The Blanket and Fluid Warming Cabinet operates silently which makes it ideal for nurseries, birthing rooms, ER, OR, and recovery rooms.

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Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 36 in