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Philips Trilogy 202 Ventilator

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The Philips Trilogy 202 Ventilator is an advanced, dual-mode device offering both volume-control and pressure-control ventilation for a range of patient needs, whether invasive or noninvasive. Its versatile breath delivery system and flexible setup options eliminate the need for frequent equipment changes, ensuring seamless and continuous patient care. One of its standout features is its ability to compensate for leaks in both pressure and volume control modes, which allows for the use of simpler passive circuits, potentially saving significant time and costs. The Trilogy 202 is also designed for intra-hospital transport, equipped with a 3-hour internal battery and an optional 3-hour detachable battery, and weighs only 5.6 kg, making it highly portable. Its integrated carrying handle adds to the convenience, ensuring safe and easy transport across hospital settings. For patients transitioning from hospital to home care, the Trilogy 202 offers a consistent user interface and identical ventilation modes and breathing circuit configurations, ensuring continuity of care. The ventilator also provides leak-compensated volume modes, enabling consistent tidal volume delivery even with non-invasive ventilation or cuff leaks. Setup is straightforward, with a color screen and intuitive menu navigation, and the integrated blender allows for oxygen administration from 21% to 100%. Additionally, the device supports two different treatment prescriptions, accommodating patients who may require different ventilation settings during the day and night. Detailed data storage on a secure digital (SD) card enables comprehensive review of treatment trends, breath-by-breath waveforms, and usage patterns through DirectView software, making the Trilogy 202 a robust and versatile tool for both acute and chronic care environments.

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Philips Trilogy 202 Ventilator

The Trilogy 202 is both a volume-control and pressure-control ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation. The versatile breath delivery and setup options free you from burdensome equipment exchanges, providing greater continuity of care for your patients. Because the Trilogy 202 has the unique ability to compensate for leaks in both pressure and volume control modes, using simpler passive circuits may support significant time and cost savings. With one simple setting change, the Trilogy 202 supports either active or passive exhalation breathing circuits to accommodate changes in circuit preference.

Intra-hospital transport
The Trilogy 202 allows freedom of movement. With a 3-hour internal battery and optional 3-hour detachable battery, you’ll have sufficient power for intra-hospital transports – with plenty of time for any delays or detours. It weighs only 5.6 kg and has an integrated carrying handle for safe and convenient handling during intra-hospital transports.

Hospital to home transition
In addition to sharing a common user interface, all home and hospital Trilogy ventilators offer identical ventilation modes and breathing circuit configurations. Now your home-bound patients will receive
the same finely tuned ventilatory support they received in the hospital. Furthermore, stored data from the home or the hospital can be downloaded for review and evaluated for meaningful trends.

Leak compensated volume modes
Trilogy 202 offers all the conventional volume-control modes: AC, SIMV (with or without PS), and CV. The Trilogy 202 has the unique ability
to compensate for leaks in a volume control mode. This means more consistent tidal volume delivery even during NIV or when cuff leaks are present.

Whether you are in a sub-acute or chronic care environment, setup is simple with the Trilogy 202. The color screen and intuitive menu navigation allow rapid settings and changes
for a wide range of patients. The integrated blender provides oxygen administration from 21 – 100%. And for patients who may wean during the day and rest at night, Trilogy 202 supports two different treatment prescription

Detailed data and remote settings
A secure digital (SD) card stores historical ventilatory data so that you can review treatment trends using our DirectView software.
• Breath-by-breath waveforms
• Short-term and long-term trends • Statistics and usage patterns

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