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Samsung HM70A Vascular Package (2 Probes)

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Samsung HM70A Vascular Package (2 Probes)

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Includes Transducers: PE2-4 (Cardiac) & L4-7 (vascular)

15-inch LED monitor
The monitor provides superior performance, delivering exquisite detail resolution for more accurate diagnosis.
ClearVisionTM virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise, providing excellent contrast resolution with enhanced edge definition for unsurpassed image clarity.
S-FlowTM is a sensitive color Doppler that can reveal peripheral blood vessels even when blood flow detection is difficult.
HDVITM improves contrast resolution and reduces speckle noise in 3D reconstructed planes and rendered volume images. HDVITM (high definition volume imaging) quickly renders outstanding images at the touch of a button.

Equipped with 3D XITM, the HM70A with Plus can be used for diagnostic 3D imaging. 3D XITM allows for easy manipulation of 3D volume data for diagnostic accuracy.
Volume NTTM
Volume NT can determine the mid-sagittal plane and measure the fetal NT (nuchal translucency) and IT (intracranial translucency) thicknesses from volume data. This makes exams more consistent by reducing dependency on measurements.
With MagiCutTM, users can digitally erase any object that hides the desired 3D image. This easy-to-use, user-controlled feature quickly eliminates a specific target within the volume; the erased information can be easily recovered by reversing the action.
SFVITM (smart filter volume imaging), a digital signal filtering technology, improves 3D image quality with the touch of a button.
– Clear SFVITM removes unwanted noise, resulting in clear images – Detailed SFVITM sharpens border definition on 3D images
Samsung Ultrasound HM70A with Plus I 9

Reducing patient exam time is critical to increasing clinical efficiency. The HM70A with Plus’ time-saving tools help increase patient throughput so physicians can maintain optimal productivity while finding solutions to challenging cases.
Fast booting
SSD technology enables powering on in 60 seconds from the powered off state, and in approximately 14 seconds from the sleep mode. With the setup utility, users can program the system to wake upon opening the lid or pressing the power button.
EZ ExamTM transforms multiple steps into a streamlined process at the touch of a button, reducing repetition.
Important imaging parameters can be optimized with the touch of a button, increasing workflow efficiency. In 2D imaging, QuickScanTM quickly optimizes brightness levels by adjusting the gain and TGC controls. In PW Spectral Doppler Mode, QuickScanTM easily optimizes the spectrum by adjusting the scale and baseline.
ADVRTM technology permits the simultaneous scanning and recording of an ultrasound study. The simultaneous recording can be done on an external USB device.

Full screen mode
With one touch, users can expand
the image area to fit the entire screen, optimizing the view for image analysis. Users also can control various imaging parameters when in full screen mode.
Backlit keyboard and control panel
Users can operate the HM70A even in low-lit areas.
Front and rear handles
Users can transport the system on the optional cart or carry it by hand for easy mobility and effortless maneuverability.
Compact and lightweight
The fully functional laptop-sized ultrasound system is slim and lightweight, at 6.1 kg (13.67 lb). Users can easily take the system to patient locations.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Weight 13.67 lbs