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Scope Cabinet – 18 Scope Hangers with Power Vent (24″D X 36″W X 92″H)

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The Scope Cabinet, measuring 24″D x 36″W x 92″H with a flat top design, embodies the epitome of a fully welded, sturdy construction designed for medical settings. Its glass hinged doors are complemented by louvered vents, ensuring a blend of visibility, security, and proper ventilation. With the capacity to accommodate 18 scope hangers, this cabinet is designed for efficiency and organization, featuring a lower rack that keeps scopes perfectly aligned during storage. A removable drain pan and a padded back wall are thoughtful additions that enhance maintenance ease and prevent equipment damage, respectively. The cabinet is further equipped with advanced features such as a power vent system, which includes a ventilation fan, a digital time switch, and a HEPA filter to ensure a sterile environment. This scope cabinet is a testament to thoughtful design and functionality, making it an indispensable asset in medical facilities where the safe, sterile storage of scopes is paramount.

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  • 24″D X 36″W X 92″H
  • Flat Top
  • Fully welded construction
  • Glass hinged doors with louvered vents
  • Scope hangers – Accommodates 18 Scope Hangers
  • Lower rack to keep scopes aligned
  • Removable drain pan
  • Padded back wall to prevent damage


  • Power vent (includes ventilation fan, digital time switch, and HEPA filter)
  • Power Cord: hospital grade 10a-125V
  • Ventilation Fan: 120V AC, 0.1/2A, 50Hz/60Hz, 105 cfm, 44dB

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