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Serofuge 2002 Centrifuge

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The Clay Adams Sero-Fuge, Model 2002 Centrifuge, is a versatile and highly efficient system designed to meet the rigorous demands of blood grouping, cross matching, typing, and other cell washing procedures. This advanced centrifuge from Clay Adams boasts a 12-place head rotor and operates at two speeds, making it adaptable for various laboratory needs. Its superior features include a locking lid for enhanced safety, digital controls and displays for precise operation, and a gasket seal to ensure optimal performance. The dual-speed operation allows for settings of either 2400rpm/500xG or 3400rpm/1049xG, providing flexibility depending on the specific requirements of the procedure. Additionally, the Sero-Fuge 2002 includes an unbreakable 12-place plastic rotor designed to accommodate blood tubes up to 12.7 mm in diameter and 75 mm in length, ensuring durability and reliability. This centrifuge stands out as a top choice for laboratories seeking high performance and versatility in their cell washing and blood testing processes.

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Sero-Fuge, Model 2002 Centrifuge


  • 12 place head rotor
  • 2 speed
  • 115V

Is a versatile system that has proven to be very useful for conducting blood grouping, cross matching, typing, and other cell washing procedures.

Clay Adams Serofuge 2002 offers the highest level of performance with its superior features that include locking lid, digital controls and displays, gasket seal, and dual speed operation, (2400rpm/500xG or 3400rpm/1049xG). An unbreakable 12 place plastic rotor for 12 x 75mm tubes is also available within. The device also includes a plastic rotor, having a capacity for accommodating blood tubes up to 12.7 dia. X 75 mm long.

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