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Shutt Universal Stress Post

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The Shutt Universal Stress Post is a versatile and innovative device designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of meniscal repair procedures. Its break-away design allows for the use of the “figure 4” position, a technique often employed to improve access and visibility during surgery. This unique design feature not only facilitates the procedure but also enhances patient comfort. The stress post includes a hook-and-loop closure insert that securely grips the tourniquet, ensuring stability and minimizing the risk of slippage. Additionally, foam inserts are incorporated to reduce patient trauma by providing cushioning and support, thus enhancing overall patient care during the procedure. The breakaway stress post exemplifies the thoughtful integration of functionality and patient safety in surgical equipment design.

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Shutt Universal Stress Post

Break-away design allows use of “figure 4” position for meniscal repair procedures Hook-and-loop closure insert grips tourniquet. Foam inserts minimize patient trauma Breakaway stress post

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