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Siemens ACUSON DAX Probe

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The Siemens ACUSON DAX Probe represents a significant advancement in ultrasound technology, integrating cutting-edge InTune technology that includes gesture detection for seamless operation. It is equipped with a compact-pinless connector and Multi-D technology, ensuring robust connectivity and versatile functionality. Notably, the probe offers exceptional penetration up to 40 cm, making it suitable for a comprehensive range of clinical applications including abdominal, fetal, and pediatric imaging. Additionally, the ACUSON DAX Probe is designed with a reduced push force feature, enhancing comfort and efficiency, particularly when dealing with technically difficult patients who have a limited imaging window. This combination of advanced technological features and user-centric design makes it an invaluable tool in medical diagnostics, improving both the experience and the outcomes of ultrasound examinations.

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Siemens ACUSON DAX Probe

InTune technology featuring gesture detection, compact-pinless connector with Multi-D technology and excellent penetration up to 40cm.

Reduced push force, ideal for technically difficult patients with limited imaging window.

Clinical Applications: Abdominal, Fetal, Pediatric


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