Skytron ST9 Exam Lights


ST9 Exam Light provides high quality, high performance illumination within an extremely durable light weight polymer light head, creating the perfect balance between performance, maneuverability, and durability. The ST9 features advanced high intensity, shadow free optics without glare. Applications include LDR, LDRP, OB/GYN, Exam, Emergency Room & Special Procedures.


  • High Intensity Illumination with up to 45,200 lux (4,200 fc) at a working distance of 42″
  • Advanced VSRD (Vertically Segmented Reflector Design) Optics produce a myriad of rich and vibrant lighting segments blending into a high quality, soft white column of light
  • Radically Durable, Featherlight Polymer Light head Construction provides for optimum maneuverability and durability
  • Cool, Color Corrected Light provides natural Tissue rendering with a Color Rendering Index of 93
  • Non-Sterile Positioning Handle is provided on the light head for positioning control

Lead Time: 12-15 business days

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