Steris Reliance 333 & 250

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These washer/disinfectors is ideal for automated cleaning, thermal disinfection, and drying of reusable general surgical instruments prior to sterilization in outpatient/same-day surgery departments, surgical centers, and ambulatory care centers. A wide variety of surgical instrumentation and containers may safely be processed in the Reliance® 333 washer. The Reliance® 250 washer is designed specifically for use in laboratories.

• Front-loading drop-down door is constructed of #316 stainless steel covered with a plastic panel. The tempered glass window allows the operator to view the chamber interior while a cycle is in progress.
• Insulated construction of chamber exterior reduces heat loss and noise level to the work area.
• Stainless-steel wash chamber inhibits corrosive action of detergents.
• Rotary spray assembly is positioned at the top of the chamber to assure complete coverage of all load surfaces.
• Heating coils, located at the bottom of the wash chamber, raise and maintain water temperature during each phase.
• Detergent injection system is designed to reduce handling of chemicals, and to minimize waste and residue.

Lab Option Highlights:
• Versatile microprocessor-based control with three preprogrammed standard cycles (light, medium, and heavy) and three open cycles that are easily programmed to accommodate varying soil conditions.
• Any cycle can be set with up to ten separate treatments, each with adjustable times.



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