Steris Reliance VISION Washer

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Reliance Vision Single-chamber Washer/Disinfector, a total integrated washing solution from STERIS. Featuring the newest innovations in the single-chamber market, the Reliance Vision combines the latest technology with a groundbreaking design to provide maximum throughput and unparalleled performance.

-Double power doors
-Offered in both steam heat (208 or 480v) or electric heating configuration (480v). 3 phase
-42 x 80-3/4 x 32in
Faster, optimized cycles
Touch screen, PC controls can interface with instrument tracking and OR scheduling
Longer spray arms and outward spraying nozzles for improved coverage
Large capacity for processing high volumes of medical devices, utensils and delicate instruments
Improved drying system
Integrated flow meters provide verification of chemistry injection rates, even down to the Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate levels

•Easy-to-clean spray arms; simple assembly
•Self-flushing centrifugal filter system prevents spray arms from clogging and helps minimize maintenance
•PC control is remote monitoring enabled allowing proactive/predictive repair for improved system uptime
•Racks are capable of lumen flushing
•Ergonomic design enhances operator safety
Immediate-level disinfection phase helps reduce the risk of infection for patients and staff
•Cool-touch handles on racks for safe handling of racks once they exit the washer
•Environmentally friendly system uses less water, detergent and utilities
–10 DIN trays Single-Chamber Double-Door Washer/Disinfector compliant with EN / ISO 15883
-Very good rack-to-chamber ratio of 96% (the closer to 100% the better the fit of the rack for the chamber)

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