Steris VLED Single Head Ceiling Mounted Surgical Light


The Harmony vLED Surgical Lighting System is a configurable, modular lighting system, providing high quality illumination for surgical and diagnostic applications.

The system can be configured to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications ranging from simple diagnostic procedures performed in outpatient surgery centers, to more complicated procedures performed in major acute care suites. Locations of use include operating rooms, exam and treatment rooms, hospital emergency departments and hospital intensive care units.

A wall-mounted panel provides a user interface for controlling light heads and camera. The wall-mounted panel monitors LED module status and can be used to control light intensity, as well as camera features such as focus, camera rotation and zoom. In addition, the light heads can be turned on and off, and their intensity can be controlled using conveniently located surgeon’s controls on the light handle of each lighthead. The patented surgeon in-light controls include a one-touch command to turn all light heads on simultaneously to their previous settings.

Light heads provide cool, shadow controlled lighting. The system can be ordered with one, two or three light heads mounted to a suspension system capable of continuous 360° rotational positioning. The light heads are available in both adjustable and fixed pattern models. The illumination pattern size is adjusted by rotating the handle. Most Harmony vLED Surgical Lighting Systems can be configured (at time of order) to include one or two video monitor support arms.

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