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Stryker Prime Big Wheel Stretcher

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The Stryker Prime Big Wheel Stretcher (S1115) is a versatile and feature-rich solution designed to improve patient care. It has a weight capacity of 700 lbs and a thermoformed ABS base. The stretcher includes a storage tray, a wide patient surface, and a 3-inch Enhanced Comfort Mattress. It has a low height for easy patient transfer and accessibility. The stretcher also has an integrated utility tray, a litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder, and an integrated transfer board for smooth patient transfers. It is power-washable for easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a four-wheel, center-locking brake system, dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics, and GlideawayTM Siderails for patient security. It includes 4 integrated IV receptacles and a +/- Trendelenburg feature for versatile positioning. It has 8-inch Omni SurfaceTM Casters for smooth maneuverability and a pneumatic backrest/stationary foot mechanism for adjustable patient positioning. The stretcher has constant descent hydraulics and dual end brake/steer controls for smooth navigation. It is designed for use in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. It has an adjustable backrest and a 4-inch mattress for superior patient comfort. Overall, the Stryker Prime Big Wheel Stretcher offers exceptional quality and versatility in patient care.

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Introducing the Stryker Prime Big Wheel Stretcher, a versatile and feature-rich solution designed to elevate patient care. With its impressive weight capacity of 700 lbs, this stretcher ensures reliable support and stability for patients of different sizes and needs.

Crafted with a thermoformed ABS base, the stretcher features an extra capacity storage tray, allowing healthcare professionals to conveniently store essential medical supplies within reach. The wide patient surface, available in 26 or 30 inches, offers ample space for patients to rest comfortably. The 3-inch Enhanced Comfort Mattress provides a soft and supportive surface, enhancing overall patient satisfaction.

Featuring a low height of less than 21 inches, this stretcher enables easy patient transfer and accessibility, reducing strain on both patients and caregivers. An integrated utility tray provides additional storage space, ensuring essential tools and supplies are always within reach.

During emergencies, the litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder ensures immediate access to life-saving equipment. The integrated transfer board facilitates smooth and efficient patient transfers between surfaces, minimizing disruptions and discomfort.

Cleaning and maintaining the stretcher is a breeze thanks to its power-washable design (1105 and 1115 models only). This feature enables thorough cleaning, improving infection control measures and prolonging the product’s lifespan.

For maximum security, the stretcher is equipped with a four-wheel, center-locking brake system with dual end activators, offering reliable immobilization when needed. The dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics, coupled with the uni-lower pedal functionality, allow effortless adjustment of the stretcher’s height and position.

The GlideawayTM Siderails provide enhanced patient security, while the integrated foot end push/pull handles make it easier for caregivers to maneuver the stretcher and ensure patient safety.

Designed to support efficient medical treatments, the stretcher includes 4 integrated IV receptacles, enabling quick and easy access to necessary fluids and medications. The +/- Trendelenburg feature allows healthcare professionals to position the stretcher at a 17-degree incline, facilitating optimal patient care in diverse clinical scenarios.

Smooth maneuverability is ensured by the 8-inch Omni SurfaceTM Casters with integrated wheel covers, allowing caregivers to navigate through tight spaces with ease. The pneumatic backrest/stationary foot mechanism enables versatile patient positioning, catering to individual comfort and medical requirements.

Equipped with constant descent hydraulics, the stretcher allows controlled and gentle lowering, preventing sudden jolts or discomfort for the patient. The dual end brake/steer controls further enhance maneuverability and handling, ensuring smooth navigation throughout healthcare facilities.

With its Big Wheel steering, this stretcher excels in mobility and maneuverability, making it ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare environments. The backrest, adjustable from 0° to 90°, enables patients to find their desired position for optimal comfort and support.

Experience superior patient comfort with the new 4-inch mattress, carefully designed to provide a plush and soothing surface, even during extended use. With its exceptional weight capacity, enhanced comfort features, and integrated functionalities, the Stryker Prime Big Wheel Stretcher redefines patient care, offering uncompromising quality and versatility.

Key product features:

  • Thermoformed ABS base with extra capacity storage tray
  • 700 lb weight capacity for reliable support and stability
  • 26 or 30-inch wide patient surface with 3-inch Enhanced Comfort Mattress
  • Less than 21-inch low height for easy patient transfer and accessibility
  • Integrated utility tray for convenient storage of medical supplies
  • Litter-mounted oxygen bottle holder for immediate access during emergencies
  • Integrated transfer board for smooth patient transfers
  • Power-washable design (1105 and 1115 only) for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Four-wheel, center-locking brake system with dual end activators for secure immobilization
  • Dual side-mounted foot control hydraulics with uni-lower pedal for effortless adjustment
  • GlideawayTM Siderails with integrated foot end push/pull handles for enhanced patient security
  • 4 integrated IV receptacles for efficient medical treatments
  • +/- Trendelenburg 17 degrees for flexible positioning options
  • 8-inch Omni SurfaceTM Casters with integrated wheel covers for smooth maneuverability
  • Pneumatic backrest/stationary foot for versatile patient positioning
  • Constant descent hydraulics for controlled and gentle lowering
  • Dual end brake/steer controls for easy handling and navigation
  • Big Wheel steering for exceptional mobility in various healthcare settings
  • Back Rest 0°–90° for personalized comfort and support
  • New 4 inch mattress for superior patient comfort during extended use

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