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Stryker Rem B Set w/ sterilization tray

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Stryker Rem B Set w/ sterilization tray

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6400-99 Stryker RemB Universal Driver
6400-62 Stryker Rem B Wire Driver
6400-15 Stryker RemB Micro Drill
6400-34 Stryker REMB Sagittal Saw
6400-31 Stryker RemB Oscillating Saw
6400-37 Stryker RemB Reciprocating Saw
5100-15-250 Stryker TPS Straight Drill Attachment
4100-131 Stryker 1/4″ Jacobs Chuck
4100-231 Stryker 1/4″ Jacobs Chuck Reamer
4100-132 Stryker 5/32″ Jacobs Drill Attachment
Large ¼” Chuck Key included
Small 5/32” Chuck Key included
4100-110 Stryker Synthes Drill Attachment
4100-62 Stryker TPS Wire Collet
4100-126 Stryker Adjustable Pin Collet
x2 6400-9 Stryker RemB Handswitch
x2 5100-004 Stryker TPS Handpiece Cord
5400-50 Stryker CORE Arthroscopy Console
6400-276-000 Stryker RemB Sterilization Tray
5100-15-43 MD Series Reducer

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