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Transmotion TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair Series

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The Transmotion TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair Series represents a significant advancement in medical mobility, blending safety, convenience, and functionality into one versatile piece of equipment. Designed to accommodate a wide array of medical environments, the TMM4 facilitates smooth transitions for patients by converting from a chair to a stretcher with the simple push of a button. This feature allows patients to remain on a single surface from admission through to discharge, significantly minimizing the need for transfers that can pose risks to both patient and staff safety. Key attributes such as the pendant-controlled powered adjustments for legs, back, and height not only enhance patient comfort but also eliminate the hazards associated with manual positioning methods. The TMM4’s robust design supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg), incorporates high-quality memory foam cushions, and features a large radiolucent section for imaging. Additional practical features include an auto-extending footrest, swing-and-tuck side rails, and dual quick-change batteries, ensuring that the stretcher-chair remains operational and efficient, all while maintaining a compact footprint suitable for busy medical settings.


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Transmotion TMM4 Multi-Purpose Stretcher-Chair Series

Handheld, pendant-controlled powered leg, back and height adjustments eliminate hydraulic, pneumatic or manual positioning thereby reducing the risk associated with those movements. With the ability to convert from chair to stretcher configuration at the push of a button, patients can travel from admission to procedure to discharge on ONE SURFACE. Reducing or eliminating patient transfers can minimize the risk of injury to patients and staff as well as reduce the amount of equipment needed to complete the care cycle.

Standard TMM4 Features:

  • 500 lb. (227kg) Patient Weight Capacity
  • Exceptional Powered Patient Positioning for safe patient handling
  • Push-Button Pendant Control for smooth and safe operation
  • Large Radiolucent Back Section for imaging procedures
  • Auto-extending Footrest
  • Memory Foam Cushions for enhanced patient comfort
  • Swing-and-Tuck Side Rails for easier and safer patient ingress/egress
  • Manual Quick Release Back
  • Space-Saving Footprint
  • Two Quick-Change Batteries and Wall-Mount Charge


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