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Tuttnauer TIVA 10 Lab Washer, 265 Liter, With 2 Automatic Vertical Door, 3 Phase

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The Tuttnauer TIVA 10 Lab Washer, boasting a generous 265-liter capacity and equipped with 2 automatic vertical sliding doors, represents an advanced solution for the comprehensive cleaning, disinfection, and drying of a wide range of medical instruments. Measuring 26.77in x 25.2in x 72.83in with an interior dimension of 22.05in x 23.03in x 31.5in, this model is designed to fit snugly into limited spaces while maximizing its load capacity. Its high-quality AISI 316L washing chamber and capacity to accommodate up to 12 DIN baskets across 6 washing levels make it particularly suitable for surgical and sterilization departments. The TIVA 10-V also features a user-friendly touch panel with a color graphic display offering 40 preset and programmable washing cycles, ensuring adaptability to various load types. Moreover, its advanced features, such as air drying with a prefilter and HEPA H14 filter, a built-in steam condenser, three heating elements, and two dosing pumps for precise chemical application, underscore its efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, the washer includes hands-free door operation, enhancing user convenience and safety. The package comes complete with 1 bottle each of T-Clean Detergent and T-Clean Neutralizing Agent, alongside necessary connections for hot and cold water, deionized water, drainage, and electrical requirements (208V-240V) for 3-phase power supply, making the TIVA 10-V an all-encompassing solution for the modern sterilization department.

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Tuttnauer TIVA 10 Lab Washer, 265 Liter, With 2 Automatic Vertical Door, 3 Phase

W x D x H: 26.77in X 25.2in X 72.83in
Interior: 22.05in x 23.03in x 31.5in

The Tiva 10-V washer disinfector provides a flexible turnkey solution for washing, disinfecting and drying diverse medical instruments for a complete decontamination life cycle. The TIVA 10-V washer is equipped with automatic sliding door/s and is best suited for surgical and sterilization departments.

Automatic sliding glass door/s:
The slim design allows you to fit these models into a small space while maximizing load capacity
Washing chamber made of high quality AISI 316L
265 Liter chamber, suited for sterilization departments

Diverse load types:
Can be loaded with up to 6 washing levels for a total 12 DIN baskets. Available trolleys for different kinds of loads

Advanced Touch Control:
Touch panel with color graphic display with a total of 40 programs: preset and programmable

Advanced features:
Air drying prefilter + HEPA H14 filter. Boiler for purified water. 2 dosing pumps. 3 heating elements. Built-in steam condenser

Hands-free door operation:
Equipped with a sensor for hands free door operation


1 Bottle of T-Clean Detergent
1 Bottle of T-Clean Neutralizing Agent

3/4″ HW Connection
3/4″ CW Connection
1/2″ Deionized Water
1″ Drain
Electrical (208V-240V) 3ph

Must add rack selections, no racks included

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