Zeiss Lumera T S88 Floorstand With Assistant Package

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The Zeiss Lumera T S88 is an outstanding microscope designed for a full suite of ophthalmic procedures, excellent for the University Medical Center and specialists in vitreo retinal procedures. If you are looking to achieve the best in red reflex technology, look no further than the Lumera T S88 ophthalmic surgical microscope. With the introduction of Lumera Stereo Coaxial Illumination you see more contrast with this brilliant, stable red reflex – even in decentered or strongly pigmented eyes. The Lumera T S88 floor stand provides superior surgeon control from the ergonomic hand grips to release the magnetic clutch brakes moving the microscope across the surgical field with minimal effort. Program the Lumera T S88 with up to 9 different users with preset motorized speeds, illumination intensity and foot pedal controls.

Zeiss Lumera T w/XY & Assistant Scope
Zeiss Obj Lens F200-65mm PMZ061B
Zeiss S-88 Floorstand(Fixed PMZ009D
Zeiss 0-180 Bino. (style2) PMZ044
Zeiss Visu 200/210 Assistant Bino
x4 Zeiss 10X22B Magnetic 305542
Zeiss Superlux 180 Eye Duo “F” WCC475

304979-9010/90 Zeiss Waterproof 14pt F/S w/
304979-9035 (Zeiss P/N)
x10 Knob Covers Small 305810
x2 Zeiss Type 2 Bino PD Knob Big 303791-0153
x4 Zeiss VISU Asepsis Sterilizable Handle Covers
Microscope Cover

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