Zoll M Series


The Zoll® M Series™ is half the weight and size of any unit in its class. Provides everything you need for cardiac resuscitation including easy-to-use defibrillation, external pacing, and advanced monitoring capabilities. Plus, it gives you these important options: pulse oximetry and capnography, a sophisticated code marker and data collection system, and summary report with printer.
What’s most important in a defibrillator is defibrillation. That’s why the M Series™ is so simple. It has straightforward controls and not too many choices or menus. The ZOLL® Uniform Operating System reduces staff training requirements and minimizes the potential for operator confusion. A new feature, Error Correction, minimizes problems during use by providing helpful prompts for corrective action.
The M Series™ incorporates the latest technology field emission display (FED) with a wider viewing angle than any LCD display. High contrast and visibility, even at 60°, allow you to see important information clearly and accurately. It clearly displays ECG, SpO2, and CO2 values with or without waveforms, as well as the new “one-touch” programmable code markers for drugs and events.
With ZOLL’s Uniform Operating System, simple controls and messages are always the same from model to model. The result is easy confident emergency use. Models for BLS, ALS, and combined use are available for every field of use. Patient connections are simplifies with a new universal connector for both pads and paddles. No adapters or multiple cables that delay life-saving efforts. Built-in pediatric paddles and a complete line of disposable electrodes meet all demands.


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