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The Different Types of EKG Machines

EKG Machines remain the most instrumental heart disease diagnosis technology invented in the 20th century. Technology advancement has led to the creation of EKG/ECG machines with varying complexity, portability, and affordability. When purchasing an EKG machine, you need one that works for you financially and functionally. At Auxo Medical, we carry different types of ECG machines, both new and refurbished, to meet the needs of any medical facility.

Holter EKG Monitor

This wearable and portable ECG machine measures and records the heart’s rhythm. The machine is small, about the size of a medium-sized camera. It is also wearable and sometimes records the heart function between 24 to 48 hours or longer.

A Holter monitor has electrodes attached to the skin to detect heartbeats. If the patient has hair on the chest, you need to shave it so the electrodes stick. Once you fit the ECG device, the patient can return to everyday activities. Most professionals opt for this EKG device due to its high portability and ease of use.

Resting 12-lead EKG Machine

This machine has 12 leads obtained through ten electrodes. It is considered a resting EKG as patients have to sit up or lay down doing the test, which takes between five and ten minutes. The results obtained from this machine are reflective of the heart’s condition at rest since the patient is not in movement.

The 12-lead EKG unit has six peripheral leads and six precordial leads. These leads provide varying views of the heart from different angles. This helps doctors in polishing their data to make an accurate patient diagnosis. The 12 leads also eliminate disturbance and noise from some of the leads making the diagnosis more precise.

Operating the traditional 12-lead device requires considerable medical expertise to translate the findings. You may opt for the modern 12-lead ECG machines such as the PCA 500, which are considered more straightforward.

The PCA 500 12-lead ECG machine simplifies heart monitoring through mobile support applications and machine learning diagnostics. It helps you to translate the findings and make an accurate diagnosis. The EKG device also allows your patients to conduct their assessment from home as the device does not require clinical space.

At Auxo Medical, we offer different 12-lead EKG units, such as the PCA 500, at an affordable price. We have new and refurbished machines to meet your needs within your budget.

Event EKG Monitor

The event monitor is similar to the Holter monitor but records at specific times. It uses a recording device to track the heart and only starts when it detects an irregular heart rhythm.

Some event monitors are not automatic and may require patients to push a recording button anytime they feel the symptoms. The monitor records and sends the data to a monitoring station for proper diagnosis. Patients wear these machines for up to 30 days to obtain accurate data.

We at Auxo Medical provide event monitors to aid in diagnosing heart disease. Some of our vent monitors are automatic and others manual.

Exercise EKG Machine

This device is also known as the stress machine. The device records the heart’s activities and capabilities under strenuous conditions in a stress test. This test takes place in a controlled environment, as the patient pedals a stationary bike or walks on a treadmill. The exercise intensity is gradually increased to determine the impact of stress on heart activities.

The exercise EKG device is mainly used for patients at risk of a heart attack. When using this machine, you should suspend patients from using certain medications. They may improve the heart’s base performance leading to inaccurate data and poor diagnosis.

At Auxo medical, we offer exercise EKG machines to track your patient’s heart rhythms and diagnose heart disease under strenuous conditions. We provide quality machines to improve your heart disease diagnosis.

Implantable Loop Recorder

An implantable loop recorder records the heart’s rhythm for up to three years. This EKG device allows you to monitor your patient’s heart rhythm while they continue their daily activities.

A minor surgery places the small machine under the skin around the chest. It captures even the slightest arrhythmias that other EKG devices easily miss. The EKG device is also more accurate than other devices as it records heartbeats for longer periods. Extensive recording collects large amounts of data, making detecting patterns and diagnosis easy.

At Auxo Medical, we provide implantable loop recorder services at an affordable price. Our refurbished and new loop recorders help to track your patient’s heart rhythm for extended periods.

Buy New or Refurbished EKG Machines Today!

EKG machines are necessary for any facility with general health care professionals or cardiologists. They offer a great way to diagnose poor blood flow, assess heart rhythm, and detect abnormalities. With the different types of EKG units in the market, finding one that matches your needs and budget is easy.

At Auxo Medical, we deal in quality new and refurbished EKG devices to monitor heart activities. We offer a wide range of these machines, including the resting12-lead EKG machine, Holter monitor, event monitor, implantable loop recorder, and stress machine. Contact us to order or ask for further advice on EKG devices.