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Electrical Safety Inspections on Medical Equipment

Why Do I Need Electrical Safety Inspections on My Medical Equipment?

Electrical safety inspections do more than simply protect the health and safety of patients and medical staff. Regular preventative maintenance can save your organization money and resources. Auxo Medical technicians hold the highest certification for biomedical equipment repair and maintenance in the country. Auxo Medical can inspect your new or refurbished medical equipment to help extend its working life.

The Value of Safety Inspections

The average recommended life expectancy of electrical medical equipment is around ten years. This was determined by a number of criteria, including the frequency of malfunction or failure, the detectability of electrical failures, and the severity of failures should the equipment cease functioning.

This is true for all medical equipment, from complex anesthesia machines to simple hospital beds. Proper electrical safety inspections can allow your equipment to continue functioning while providing the high level of service your patients expect.

With regular electrical safety inspections, our technicians can reduce the chances of or prevent the following issues:

  • Risk of fire from electrical faults
  • Imprecise or incorrect diagnostic output
  • Improper sterilization due to temperature irregularities
  • Expensive equipment replacement
  • High costs of emergency repairs

Fire Prevention

Recent studies on proper medical device maintenance, focusing primarily on bed-head panels for powered hospital beds, have unveiled principles that hold true for many electronic medical devices. Due to the many chemicals used by doctors and medical staff to provide patient comfort and care (including oxygen, certain plastics, and many cleaning solutions), the risk of fire in hospitals, laboratories, and other medical facilities is high. This applies to most medical laboratories as well. 

Without proper maintenance, worn or damaged hardware is capable of creating electrical sparks. This is an immediate danger in such oxygen-rich environments. When performed by certified professionals, electrical safety inspections can verify that the electricity supplying the equipment remains insulated. This includes an inspection of both internal and external wiring, lowering the risk of short circuits.

Diagnostic Accuracy and Consistent Precision

The accuracy of the medical equipment we use greatly depends upon the quality of the electrical hardware with which it was manufactured. Mobile devices, such as ventilators and patient monitors, can be particularly susceptible. Regular electrical inspections can verify that your devices are providing accurate diagnostic information for your patients.

Such inspections also verify that the equipment you rely on can meet the regulations and standards of the healthcare industry. 

Protect Your Patients Through Proper Sterilization

Autoclaves and other sterilization equipment are delicate pieces of machinery. They rely upon high levels of pressure and temperature which are susceptible to malfunction or failure if not regularly inspected.

Because of the serious risk surrounding bacterial, viral, or fungal contamination, the technicians at Auxo Medical specialize in the inspection and calibration of sterilization machines. All of our inspected equipment generates the pressure and high temperatures necessary for the modern medical or laboratory environment.

If your sterilization equipment regularly fails its biological or chemical indicator tests, one of the possible faults can lie in an electrical malfunction. Before replacing the equipment, give our technicians a call, and we can perform a full inspection to identify the true cause.

Preventative Maintenance: As Helpful As Preventative Medicine

Our certified maintenance technicians share this motto in common with all medical professionals: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Auxo Medical provides a wide range of services that can help your organization to save valuable time and money. Services include electrical safety inspections, scheduled maintenance plans for your current medical equipment, and high-quality refurbished medical equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

According to the American Hospital Association, the average cost of medical supplies and equipment rose by approximately 20.6% per patient. The rising costs for ICU equipment are even higher (approx. 31.8%).

The expense of replacing hardware in a timely manner can quickly skyrocket, especially during emergency situations. Repairs can become equally expensive for both facilities and patients. With regular preventative inspections and maintenance, the chances of incurring such costs can be drastically reduced.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance On Your Refurbished Medical Equipment

Proper working tools can make all the difference in the quality of care medical professionals provide, and Auxo Medical is here to help. We follow the strictest guidelines, including NFPA99 standards and AAMI recommendations. Our certified biomedical equipment technicians can perform both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on the medical equipment you own. We are here to help keep all of your devices in top working condition so that your medical practice can run smoothly.

Don’t spend a fortune on new electrical medical equipment. Check out how we can help you repair the equipment you already own. We offer the latest hardware and supplies, including refurbished medical equipment that is fully tested and ready for service. Choose from our selection of preventative maintenance service plans, and discover what Auxo Medical can do for you!