Amico iCE LED Surgical Light -Triple Ceiling, 30M/30M/30M

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Light-head Diameter – 30in. (76cm)
Light Intensity (Central Luminance) – 160,000 lux (14,870 fc)
Brightness Control –5 – 100%
Light Field Diameter – 7.6 – 12in. (19 – 31cm)
Depth of Illumination (L1 +L2) at 60% – 27.25 – 48in.
Depth of Illumination (L1 +L2) at 20% -42in. (107cm)
Color Rendering Index (CRI) –95
R9 >90
R13 – 97

Color Temperature (Standard) – 4,500K
Shadow Dilution
Single Mask – 44%
Double Mask – 41%
Cavity -97%
Single Mask w/ Cavity – 41%
Double Mask w/ Cavity – 40%
Number of LEDs (main) –80
Number of Other LEDs —320
LED Service Life -50,000 hours
Total Radiant Power at Max Intensity -415.3 W/m^2
Power Consumption at Light-head —200 w @ 24VDC
Electricity (VAC) – Universal VAC
Emergency Bypass -YES

Each Unit Consists of:
(2) Touch Switch Handle ASY
(2) Backup Board Added

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