Hill-Rom P8005 Transport Stretcher

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With its 700 lb weight capacity, our Transport Stretcher is an economical solution to help accommodate all patient conditions as well as your needs in this uncertain environment.

A rush to the operating room is not just about running down hallways and turning corners. It’s about the minute details that contribute to a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your patient. The Next Generation Steering Plus System on Hill-Rom’s Transport Stretcher is easy to steer and stop while allowing for crisp cornering and control. Increased stability is provided through the dual-locking four wheel braking system, which is standard on all Hill-Rom stretchers.

Built to last, the Transport Stretcher’s heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel reinforced frame provides both long-lasting quality and a 317.5 kg (700 lb) weight capacity to handle patients of varying size. The stretcher integrates well with other emergency room equipment, making it an ideal ER and transport stretcher.

Integrated utility tray – Now there is somewhere to store your patient’s belongings and medical supplies, with this large and easy to access utility tray.

Integrated O2 tank holder – Keep your patient’s oxygen tank out of the way with this integrated O2 tank holder.

  • 317.5 kg (700 lb) weight capacity
  • Low deck height capability
  • Push handles
  • Redundant-locking, four-wheel brakes
  • Power washable
  • Brake/Steer pedals – head and foot*
  • Brake/Steer pedals – all four sides*
  • Next generation Steering Plus system
  • Permanent IV pole – 2 stage
  • Radiolucent surface with Upright Chest X-Ray Cassette Holder*
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Weight 500 lbs
Dimensions 92 × 36 × 36 in