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Infinium Edge 200 Electrosurgery Unit

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The Infinium EDGE 200 is a state-of-the-art high-frequency electrosurgical generator designed for both monopolar and bipolar surgical procedures, making it an ideal choice for surgery centers focused on minimally invasive techniques. Engineered to perform resection, evaporation, and coagulation, the EDGE 200 ensures professional-grade surgery through its advanced, user-friendly, and safety-oriented features. The system continuously monitors the connection of the neutral electrode and employs a split neutral electrode for enhanced safety control of patient-to-plate contact. Surgeons can control output functions and power delivery directly from the handle, allowing them to maintain focus on the surgical field. Key features include patient-to-plate contact control, independent monopolar and bipolar outputs, auto start/stop in bipolar coagulation, and 16 working memory settings. The device offers various modes of operation such as Pure CUT, Cut-Coagulation BLEND, Enhanced Incision with Reduced Eschar, Superficial Coagulation, Deep Coagulation, and Bipolar Coagulation, with specific maximum output powers tailored for each mode. The package comes with a range of accessories, including reusable handles with switches, assorted electrodes, a waterproof foot switch, and more. Fully FDA approved, the EDGE 200 is compatible with Valleylab patient grounding pads and electrosurgical pencils, and stands as a comparable model to the Valleylab Force FX, Force 2, and Bovie series.

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The Infinium EDGE 200 is a high frequency electrosurgical generator ideal for monopolar and bipolar surgery center procedures. The system is engineered to execute minimally invasive surgical procedures with resection, evaporation and coagulation.

The EDGE 200 allows for professional surgery thanks to advanced user-friendly and safety solutions. The connection of neutral electrode is constantly monitored. Safety control of patient/plate contact using split neutral electrode. The possibility to control by the handle the output functions as well as the delivery of output power, allows to implement the surgical operation without turning away the surgeon attention from the surgical field.


  • Patient to plate contact control
  • Split return electrode use
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatments Independent monopolar & bipolar output Auto start/stop in bipolar coag
  • 16 working memory settings
  • Monopolar activation with handle and/or pedal Digital power regulation and output indicator Sound level controls

Available Modes of Operation:

  • Pure CUT
  • Cut-Coagulation BLEND
  • Incision with Reduced Eschar – ENHANCED
  • Superficial Coagulation – FORCED COAG
  • Deep Coagulation – SOFT COAG
  • BIPOLAR Coagulation.

Max Output Power CUT 200W – 250Ω
Max Output Power ENHANCED 120W – 250Ω
Max Output Power BLEND 120W – 200Ω
Max Output Power FORCED COAG 150W – 150Ω
Max Output Power SOFT COAG 90W – 100Ω
Max Output Power BIPOLAR COAG 80W – 50Ω

Accessories Included:

  • Reusable handle with switches
  • Assorted electrodes (10pc)
  • Blade electrodes 7cm (3pc)
  • Needle electrodes 7cm (3pc)
  • Ball electrodes 6cm (3pc)
  • Cable for neutral electrode
  • Steel neutral electrode
  • Disposable split neutral electrode (2pc)
  • Waterproof foot switch
  • Power supply cable 5 mt
  • Electrode and handle support

Fully FDA Approved

Compatible with Valleylab patient grounding pads, electrosurgical pencils.

Comparable Models: Valleylab Force FX, Force 2, Bovie 2250A, Bovie 2350A, Bovie 1250A

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