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Codonics Horizon GS Multi-Media Image Printer

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The Codonics Horizon GS Multi-Media Image Printer stands out as a versatile and compact solution for medical imaging needs, adaptable to various healthcare settings. This high-performance device supports a range of media types, including color and grayscale paper as well as blue and clear film, making it highly suitable for producing diagnostic images, such as X-rays, MRI scans, and ultrasound images. Its speed and efficiency ensure that medical professionals can quickly access high-quality prints for review, consultation, or patient records. Furthermore, the Horizon GS is renowned for its reliability and ease of use, featuring intuitive interfaces and seamless integration with existing hospital imaging systems. This combination of versatility, efficiency, and user-friendliness makes the Codonics Horizon GS an invaluable tool in enhancing the quality of patient care and optimizing workflow in medical facilities.

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The Horizon GS combines diagnostic film and grayscale paper printing to provide the world’s most versatile medical grayscale imager. Horizon’s multiple media options help to immediately cut your costs, build referring physician loyalty and attract new business. Featuring low-cost, room light viewable grayscale paper and a compact, counter-top design, Horizon obsoletes film-only imagers. High speed image processing, networking and spooling are all standard.


  • Print Technology: Direct thermal (dry, daylight safe operation)
  • Spatial Resolution: 320 DPI (12.6 pixels/mm)
  • Throughput: Up to 100 films per hour
  • Time To Operate: 5 minutes (ready to print from “off”)
  • Grayscale Contrast Resolution: 12 bits (4096)
  • Media Inputs: Three supply slots for 80-100 sheet cassettes
  • Media Outputs: One receive tray, 50-sheet capacity
  • Media Sizes: 8” x 10”, 14” x 17” (blue and clear), 11” x 14” (blue) DirectVista® Film A, A4, 14” x 17” DirectVista Grayscale Paper
  • Dmax:>3.0 with DirectVista Film
  • Archival: >20 years with DirectVista Film, under ANSI extended-term storage conditions
  • Media Supply: All media is pre-packaged and factory sealed
  • Interfaces: 10/100/1,000 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45), Serial Console
  • Network Protocols: 24 DICOM connections, FTP, LPR, Opt: Windows network printing
  • Image Formats: DICOM, TIFF, GIF, PCX, BMP, PGM, PNG, PPM, XWD, JPEG, SGI (RGB), Sun Raster, Targa
  • Opt: PostScriptTM compatibility
  • Image Quality: Manual calibration
  • Image Control: Gamma, Contrast, Polarity, Rotation, Scaling, Antialiasing
  • Sheet Control: Density Adjustment (Dmax), Look-Up Tables (LUT), Image Warnings, Captions, Sheet Coverage, Border Fill, Crop Anchor
  • Sheet Formatting: 1:1- 1:81; Variable Multi-Formatting (VMFTM), Fixed Multi-Formatting (FMFTM)
  • Control Panel: Large, backlit LCD display, Status lights include Online, Alert, Fault, Active Power and Menu navigation buttons
  • Processor: Intel
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Hard Disk: SSD, 32 GB ( 24 GB available for spooling )
  • Removable Storage: USB for software upgrades
  • Smart Card: 72 KB for storing configuration data
  • Power: Universal Input: 100-120/230V~ 50/60 Hz, 400W printing, 45W idle
  • Heat Emission: Maximum 400W, 1,366 BTUs/hr. printing, 45W, 153 BTUs/hr. idle
  • Weight:66 lbs.
  • Engine Dimensions: 14.5” (37 cm) H, 20.5” (52 cm) W, 24” (61 cm) L
  • Environment: Operating Temperature: 15-30 C
  • Storage: -22 – 50 C
  • Operating Humidity: 10-70% R.H. (non-condensing)
  • Regulatory: Full medical device compliance including Class 2 FDA and Class I
  • MDR 2017/745/EU (CE), GMP/QSR, ISO 13485:2016/NS-EN
  • ISO 13485:2016, Electrical Safety IEC 60601-1 Ed. 3.1 and EMC/EMI:
  • FCC Class A and IEC 60601-1-2: Ed. 4 for Professional Healthcare Facilities

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