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Unlocking the Benefits of Medical Sterilizers for Improved Patient Care

‍Medical sterilizers are an essential tool in the healthcare industry including hospitals, surgery centers, medical schools, as well as medical and scientific laboratories. Sterilizers provide a safe and reliable way to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Having the right sterilization equipment as well as the proper maintenance can bring significant benefits to any facility or practice in the industry.

What are Medical Sterilizers?

Medical sterilizers are devices used to sterilize, or kill, all microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi, on medical instruments and equipment. They are designed to be used in healthcare or lab settings to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination. Medical sterilizers are typically used for surgical instruments and other reusable medical devices, such as endoscopes, thermometers, forceps, and scalpel blades.

The process of sterilization is an important part of infection control in healthcare settings. It is the only way to ensure the safety of medical instruments and equipment and to guarantee that patients are not exposed to any infectious agents.

Benefits of Using Sterilization Equipment

There are several benefits to using sterilization equipment in healthcare settings, including:

  1. Reduced Risk of Infection: By using sterilizer units, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination by killing all microorganisms on medical instruments and equipment. This helps to protect both healthcare staff and patients from exposure to potentially deadly infectious agents.
  2. Improved Patient Care: By reducing the risk of infection, medical sterilizers can help improve patient care and safety. This is especially important in surgical settings, where the risk of infection is already high.
  3. Increased Efficiency: In facility Sterile Processing Departments (SPD) can help to speed up the process of sterilizing medical instruments and equipment, which can help to reduce waiting times and improve patient care.
  4. Cost Savings: Ultimately Sterile Processing Departments with multiple sterile processing units can help to save money in the long run by reducing the need to replace expensive medical instruments and equipment.
  5. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: By using medical sterilizers, healthcare professionals can provide a higher level of care, which can lead to improved patient satisfaction.

Types of Sterilizers Available from Auxo Medical

There are several different types of sterilizers available, including:

  1. Autoclaves: Autoclaves are the most common type of medical sterilizers and are used in healthcare settings to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. Autoclaves use steam and pressure to quickly and efficiently sterilize medical instruments, which helps to reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Dry Heat Sterilizers: Dry heat sterilizers use hot air to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. They are typically used for items that cannot be sterilized with steam or liquids.
  3. Chemical Sterilizers: Chemical sterilizers use ethylene oxide or hydrogen peroxide to sterilize medical instruments and equipment. They are typically used for items that cannot be sterilized with steam or dry heat.
  4. Ultraviolet Sterilizers: Ultraviolet sterilizers use germicidal ultraviolet radiation to sterilize medical instruments, equipment and areas. They are typically used for items that cannot be sterilized with steam, dry heat, or chemicals.

The Importance of Using Sterile Processing Equipment in Healthcare Settings

The use of sterile processing equipment is an important part of infection control in healthcare settings. They are essential for ensuring the safety of patients and healthcare professionals by reducing the risk of infection and cross-contamination.

Sterilizers can help to reduce the spread of infectious agents in healthcare settings by killing all microorganisms on medical instruments and equipment. This helps to protect against the spread of infection and ensures that patients are not exposed to any potentially deadly infectious agents.

The use of sterilization equipment in is also important for reducing the risk of medical errors. By sterilizing the medical instruments and equipment used in healthcare settings, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of mistakes due to contamination and cross-contamination.

The Cost of Medical and Lab SterilizersPreventive Maintenance Service Plans

The cost of sterilizers can vary depending on the type of sterilizer, the size of the unit, and the features it offers. Auxo Medical provides a wide variety of new and refurbished sterilizers and autoclaves to fit any budget. In addition we offer a wide range of Preventative Maintenance Plans to keep your sterilization equipment running at peak efficiency and reduce downtime related to equipment failures. See the benefits of an Auxo Medical Preventative Maintenance Plan in the recent article on a 13 hospital regional healthcare system that switched from the manufacturer to Auxo Medical as their sole provider of SPD preventative maintenance and repair support. Click Here.

How to Choose the Right Sterilizers for Your Healthcare or Lab Setting

When choosing the right sterilizers for your healthcare setting, there are several factors to consider, such as:

  1. Type of Sterilizer: The type of sterilizer you choose will depend on the types of medical instruments and equipment that need to be sterilized.
  2. Size of the Unit: The size of the sterilizer should be appropriate for the amount of instruments and equipment that need to be sterilized.
  3. Features: The features of the sterilizer should be appropriate for the types of instruments and equipment that need to be sterilized.
  4. Cost: The cost of the sterilizer should be considered when making a purchase.
  5. Maintenance: The maintenance requirements for the sterilizer should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.
  6. Safety: The safety features of the sterilizer should be taken into consideration when making a purchase.

Resources for Medical Sterilizers

There are several resources available for medical sterilizers, such as:

  1. Manufacturers: Manufacturers of medical sterilizers can provide information about the types of sterilizers available, the features of the sterilizers, and the cost of the sterilizers.
  2. Reviews: Reviews of medical sterilizers can provide helpful information about the types of sterilizers available and their features.
  3. Online Forums: Online forums can provide a wealth of information about medical sterilizers, including tips and advice on choosing the right sterilizer for your healthcare setting.
  4. Professional Organizations: Professional organizations, such as the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), can provide information about the types of sterilizers available and the guidelines for using them.

Choose Auxo Medical as your Sterile Processing Unit and Maintenance Provider

Medical sterilizers are an essential tool in the healthcare industry, providing a safe and reliable way to reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination. By using and properly maintaining the sterile processing units, healthcare professionals can reduce the risk of infection and cross-contamination, which can help to improve patient care and safety. When choosing the right medical sterilizers for your healthcare setting, it is important to consider the type of sterilizer, the size of the unit, the features it offers, the cost, the maintenance requirements, and the safety features. Auxo Medical is here to assist, both in the purchasing and maintaining your sterilization equipment. Contact Auxo Medical Today to receive your quote on purchase or preventative maintenance plan today.

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How Auxo Medical Can Help With All Your Refurbished Medical Equipment Needs

How Auxo Medical Can Help With All Your Refurbished Medical Equipment Needs

Running a medical practice or research lab is expensive; state-of-the-art equipment costs can strain even generous budgets. Choosing refurbished medical equipment can help extend your budget and help you give your patients the best outcomes.

Get Refurbished Medical Equipment From Auxo Medical

At Auxo Medical, we provide maintenance for a wide variety of new and refurbished medical equipment. Here are some equipment types we offer:

Biomedical Equipment

Auxo Medical has AAMI Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians on staff. When you buy refurbished equipment from us, you will know that your equipment is reliable. We offer this same dedication to maintaining your existing equipment. In either case, your facility will follow NFPA 99 standards and AAMI recommendations.

Sterile Processing Equipment

Sterile processing equipment is our specialty. We provide service, maintenance, and repair for the following:

When you buy refurbished equipment from us, you can trust that your facility operates under joint commission standards. We also offer several service and maintenance plans tailored to your needs. If anything goes wrong, we can have your equipment up and running again with little or no downtime.

Anesthesia Equipment

At Auxo Medical, our technicians also have certifications from GE and Mindray. Our technicians can bring your equipment back up to manufacturer specifications when your equipment needs repair. We also provide preventative maintenance so you can focus on your patients.

We offer preventative maintenance plans on par with manufacturer service plans but at much lower rates. With Auxo Medical, you will get the same quality service available from manufacturer service plans while saving money.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Our technicians repair and refurbish used medical equipment every day. This helps us keep a wide selection of refurbished medical equipment available. If you need new equipment for your facility, check out our products to see what we have available now. We may have what you need ready to go.

Why You Should Work With Auxo Medical

At Auxo Medical, we aim to keep your equipment working at its best, so you can focus on treating your patients. Here are a few reasons we are confident you won’t find a better source of refurbished medical equipment:

Industry Certifications

Our technicians are dedicated to excellence. At Auxo Medical, our technicians stay up-to-date with continuing education and manufacturer training programs to provide you with the most reliable and highest quality products, maintenance and repair. In addition to manufacturer training, Auxo Medical has AAMI Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians (CBET) on staff, using their specialized skills and knowledge to ensure the safest and most reliable equipment and service possible.


Our service team has over 50 years of combined experience with refurbished medical equipment. We have repaired and revitalized thousands of medical devices of all types. We have worked with autoclaves, ultrasounds, anesthesia machines, and more. Let us put our experience to work for you.


We have service and support plans that fit your needs and your budget. Whether you need a complete service plan for all your equipment or emergency repair coverage for one or two devices, we offer the coverage you need.

When you work with Auxo Medical, we’ll be there for you when you need us. We offer emergency service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Whatever goes wrong — whenever it goes wrong — we can get your equipment running again with little or no delay.

The secret to this service is preparedness. We keep a full stock of OEM preventative maintenance kits and parts for current and outdated models. Our service technicians travel with all the parts they might need for a planned maintenance call and most of what they might need for an emergency. No matter what service your equipment needs, we have the parts to get it done.

Onsite Repair and Refurbishment

Time is a key factor when providing medical services to patients. Auxo Medical keeps your equipment running with minimal downtime. Our technicians can often repair and recalibrate your equipment onsite. We can also upgrade and refurbish your equipment right there in your facility.

When it finally comes time to replace equipment, we can help with that as well. Our technicians can remove and replace your old equipment for a fraction of the cost of buying new medical equipment.

Customer Service

Regulatory requirements are a serious concern. Whatever documentation you need is available through our community portal. Paperwork may take time away from your patients; we make it as simple as possible to stay up to date on all your equipment documentation.

Try Auxo Medical Today

Our technicians are here to help you keep your equipment in top condition while saving your practice money. Contact Auxo Medical to learn more about what we can do for you.

Operating Table | Auxo Medical

Operating / Surgical Tables Sold and Refurbished by Auxo Medical

At Auxo Medical, we believe that the right operating and surgical table can improve patient outcomes. We aim to provide high-quality tables with the attachments and capabilities needed to make sure surgery is as successful as possible. The type of surgical table required can change based on the procedure.

If you work in a hospital, ambulatory surgery center, or any other facility that requires surgical tables, then Auxo Medical can help you. We have surgical tables for general surgeries, specialized surgeries, and imaging procedures. All of the tables we sell are made with safety, comfort, and maneuverability in mind. 

Operating Table Features

There are different types of operating and surgical tables made for various procedures. You can expect a few key things from our tables.


We carry sturdy and reliable tables from companies that are known for their high-quality products. A high-quality table can help keep your patients safe and comfortable during their procedures and can last longer. 

Removable Attachments

Most of the surgical tables we provide come with removable headrests, and many also have removable arm boards and can accommodate extra attachments if needed. This versatility allows the surgeon to use attachments that best fit the surgery. If a surgeon wants additional imaging capabilities during a procedure, they can use a table with imaging attachments. Access to different attachments makes the table customizable, comfortable, and safe for the patient and surgeon. 


The surgical tables we sell are maneuverable so the staff can change the patient’s position. Before surgery, medical professionals will often position the patient in a way that gives the best access to the surgical site. This position can also change throughout the surgery. A maneuverable table allows medical staff to properly position the patient to help conduct a safe and successful surgery. 


Finding the right operating tables that are comfortable for both the patient and the staff is important. The various attachments and maneuverability of the table make it so the medical team can place the patient in the correct position, which can help avoid straining during surgery. The tables we provide are also comfortable for the patient because their design helps alleviate pressure and keep the patient in alignment, no matter the position.

Different Types of Operating Tables

Knowing what tables correlate with certain surgeries can help you choose the best table for your needs. Using the correct table makes conducting the operation safer for the patient and easier for the medical staff. 

Specialized Surgery Tables

Some types of specialized surgeries require their own table. Specialized surgery tables include:

  • Neurology tables
  • Orthopedic tables
  • Urology and cysto tables

These three tables are made specifically for one category of surgery. Because these surgeries are more specialized, these tables usually offer added mobility and finer positioning control. Some tables provide foot controls so that staff can change the patient’s position without using their hands. Specialized surgery tables can generally accommodate extra attachments, such as a C-arm, which a surgeon can use to see the inside of a patient during surgery. If you are in need of a table for neurological, orthopedic, or urology and cysto surgeries, then a table made specifically for that type of surgery should offer the best solution.

General Surgery Tables

General surgery tables are designed to accommodate many types of surgeries. Some surgeries that can use a general surgery table include:

  • Appendix removal
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Pediatric surgeries

These tables are generally more basic than specialized surgery tables. The surgeries that use general surgical tables are not always related, so they have to be versatile to meet the needs of various procedures. General surgery tables are adaptable to fulfill this job. The medical staff can adjust the table’s length, height, and position to fit a surgery’s needs.

Imaging Tables

Operating tables are sometimes compatible with imaging attachments, but some procedures require a table specific to imaging. The two main types of imaging tables are:

  • Fluoroscopy tables
  • Ultrasound scanning tables

Imaging procedures are generally less invasive, but a table made specifically for imaging procedures can help keep the patient comfortable and speed up the process. Doctors typically use fluoroscopy to see organs, muscles, bones, and joints. It can be used as a diagnostic tool or during surgery. A doctor who wants extra imaging power during surgery can use a surgical table with a fluoroscopy attachment. An imaging table can offer a better solution when a patient is being looked at to find a diagnosis. 

View and Order Operating and Surgical Tables Online

At Auxo Medical, we provide a wide range of medical equipment. To see all our available medical equipment from autoclaves, sterilizers, C-arms, surgical lighting, stretchers to procedure chairs, surgical tables and so much more please view our available products online here: In addition to viewing our online catalogue of products you have the option to order directly online or receive a quote to begin your order.

Contact Auxo Medical Today

If you need an operating table, Auxo Medical can help you choose the right one. Using the right operating table for a procedure can help provide a more comfortable experience for the patient and staff. Utilizing the correct equipment also helps make a safer surgical environment. We carry tables and many surgical attachments that you might need during surgery, such as imaging and positioning equipment. Contact Auxo Medical today to find the best operating table for your needs.

Auxo Medical Service Technicians Complete Manufacturer Training Programs

Auxo Medical Service Technicians Complete Manufacturer Training ProgramsAt Auxo Medical, our field service technicians stay up-to-date with continuing education and manufacturer training programs to provide you with the most reliable and highest quality service, maintenance and repair.

Recently completed or scheduled field service training:

Anesthesia/Biomedical Maintenance and Repair Training

  • Mindray Anesthesia Machines – A4, A5, A7
  • GE Healthcare Anesthesia Machines – Aespire

Sterilizer, Washer, Autoclave, Boiler Maintenance and Repair Training

  • Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Washers
  • Primus Steam Sterilizers
  • Matachana Steam Sterilizers
  • Steris V-PRO Low Temperature Sterilization System

Contact Auxo Medical to arrange for your facilities preventative maintenance or repair by calling (888) 728-8448 or fill out the form below

Service Quote / Repair Request
If you would like an estimate on a preventative maintenance plan, please upload your equipment list here.
Maximum upload size: 67.11MB

Reduce Spending and get better results with a Preventative Maintenance Plan from Auxo Medical

Keep Your Sterilization Equipment Reliable and Reduce Costs

In 2021, a 13 hospital regional healthcare system switched from the manufacturer to Auxo Medical as their sole provider of SPD preventative maintenance and repair support.

What did they experience?

  • 25-35% savings in contract value and repair labor costs
  • A decrease in service calls, combined with improvement in resolution time, resulted in an increase in equipment uptime to nearly 100%.

Total Uptime Across All Facilities - Benefits of a PM PlanTotal Service Calls Closed - Benefits of a PM Plan

Did you know?

  • 91% of all service calls in 2021 were resolved during the initial inspection.
  • We are experienced with all major manufacturers’ equipment.
  • You have access to our community portal as a service agreement holder

Reduce Your Spending and Increase Uptime with an Auxo Medical Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Whether you are in need of an emergency repair to avoid rescheduling patients or preventative maintenance agreement to keep your operational costs fixed, let our service team, with over 50 years of combined experience, handle these headaches for you!

Pacific Steam Generator

Why Choose Auxo Medical’s Quality Steam Generators?

Two of the greatest enemies for microbes are high temperatures and moisture, and eliminating them reliably and efficiently is key to creating a sterile environment. Auxo Medical’s lineup of medical equipment includes the highest-quality steam generators and boilers on the market today. We provide the best in service and selection because the safety of your staff and your patients is our top priority. Here are just a few of the reasons you can trust Auxo Medical to install and maintain your facility’s steam generator:

What Are the Purposes of a Steam Generator?

When people think of steam, they may think of power generation and electric generators. While others may specialize in auxiliary power generation for medical facilities and hospitals, we focus on providing medical equipment and maintenance services that enable facilities to serve their patients and clients. Steam has many uses, and our steam generators and boilers provide the heat and moisture these facilities require. Auxo Medical’s top-of-the-line generators can provide the following services (and much more):

Water Distillation

Distilled water is an indispensable ingredient in laboratory work, and Auxo Medical steam generators can generate the specific quantity your facility requires. Within the steam generator, all impurities are removed as the pressurized water turns to steam. The condensate can then be safely stored in sterile bottles for immediate or later use.

Distilled water created via steam generation contains little to no heavy-metal contaminants. This means our generators and boilers can provide safe cleaning and functionality for your facility’s high-conductivity instruments.

Recent news articles have pointed to a shortage of distilled water due to the ongoing national supply chain crisis. With our generators and boilers at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about public shortages or delivery costs.


The CDC recommends various sterilization methods but recognizes steam as one of the oldest and most recognized forms used. It is also one of the least expensive and most reliable due to its ability to penetrate fabrics. Generators from Auxo Medical can be connected to many sterilization machines, including autoclaves, retorts, and other clean-in-place (or CIP) devices.

HVAC or Auxiliary Heating

If you worry about the costs of replacing an old generator, Auxo Medical can save your organization on energy costs through advancements in modern energy recovery systems. New generators and boilers reduce waste heat through modern insulation and heat recycling.

Instead of simply releasing heat to the outside, excess heat generated by modern generators can be used to supplement your building’s HVAC system. Boilers and generators can also be programmed to your specific requirements, meaning lower energy costs when demand decreases. 

Safe, Reliable, and Designed for Easy Replacement

One of the greatest advantages of Auxo Medical’s generators is their ease of installation and maintenance. The boilers and steam generators we sell are designed and manufactured by industry leaders. Each generator is built strictly according to standards set by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (or ASME).

Many of the generators we offer are designed with small floor space requirements. All our equipment features required safety controls, including automatic shut-off functions to prevent overheating or overpressurization. Whatever the volume of your facility’s steam requirements, we have the equipment to match the demand.

If you have questions about the functionality or behavior of any of our generators or boilers, you can contact our service technicians by phone, email, or our website. Our staff can also provide training for you and your staff on the safe operation of your new equipment. 

Full Service and Maintenance Agreements

Because generators are so versatile in the laboratory and in medical settings, we offer discounts on generators when you sign up for regular service agreements. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to repair, maintain, and install every generator we offer.

Auxo Medical provides four different preventative maintenance packages to fit your budget and desired level of support. These cover our technicians’ labor and travel expenses for scheduled maintenance, the cost of parts for scheduled maintenance, labor and travel expenses during unscheduled maintenance, and the cost of replacement parts for emergency repairs. Our friendly technicians are AAMI-certified and ready to help with any issues that may arise during your equipment’s lifetime.

Choose Steam Generators From Auxo Medical

In addition to all the supply and safety advantages our generators can provide, Auxo Medical offers full sales consultation and financing options to save you more on your medical equipment costs. With our partners at Ascentium, we can finance shipping, taxes, and other costs that come with the installation of your medical equipment.

Contact Auxo Medical today for more information on our preventative maintenance packages and equipment deals. If you are interested in becoming one of our franchise partners, contact our leadership team to find out more. We would love to answer any questions you may have and help you find the perfect equipment for your practice.

Auxo Medical Service & repair

Use Auxo Medical for All Your Medical Equipment Maintenance Needs

If you work for an ambulatory surgery center, hospital, laboratory, or any other medical facility, then you likely have equipment that requires servicing and repairs. Reducing equipment downtime can reduce the need for rescheduling patients, and allows you to stick to your schedule. If you are in need of medical equipment maintenance, then Auxo Medical’s qualified technicians can help.

About Auxo Medical

We are a company that provides quality new and refurbished medical equipment as well as maintenance and repairs. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the reliable customer service you expect from a small business but with the resources, benefits and quality that larger suppliers offer. If you have equipment that requires maintenance, we can provide cost-effective repairs, or upgrade your equipment if necessary.

Our Medical Equipment Maintenance Services

If you are in need of repairs but have a budget to stick to, then Auxo Medical could be your solution. Our technicians have over 50 years of combined experience and are certified to repair different types of medical equipment.

Biomedical Equipment Service & Repair

With an AAMI Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET), the highest certification that can be achieved, on staff we use the certified knowledge, experience and skills each day for the benefit of our service clients. Auxo Medical technicians attend specialized manufacturer training conferences along with repairing and rebuilding equipment daily in our refurbished products division. The types of services that we provide for biomedical equipment are:

  • Repairs
  • Calibrations
  • Biomedical preventative maintenance

We can provide these services onsite, and only use certified biomedical testing equipment. Reports of these services can be logged into your company portal or sent immediately upon request, so you have access to them whenever you need them. In the event that you need a loan on a specific piece of equipment while we are working on yours, we have loans available in every equipment category.

To see what brands and product types we service, visit our website.

Sterile Processing Maintenance

We also offer maintenance for sterile processing equipment. Our aim is to make sure your facility is operating under joint commission standards. We only use certified thermocouples when calibrating your equipment, so we produce accurate results. We also offer water testing if you are concerned about your water quality and feel that it may be negatively impacting your saturated steam generation. If the results are unsatisfactory, we can install or provide you with products that can help solve the underlying problem.

If you need upgraded equipment, we can either refurbish your equipment onsite or we can provide you with an updated product for a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Anesthesia Equipment Servicing

Our Certified Biomedical Equipment Technicians are factory certified by both Mindray and GE. Auxo Medical technicians have refurbishment experience with many different anesthesia machines, so they are comfortable working on different models. We also provide our technicians with parts and OEM preventative maintenance kits for current and older equipment.

If you are interested in having a vaporizer output test done on your anesthesia machine, we have the capability to do so. Using an industry-certified gas flowmeter, we can test flow rate and anesthetic agent composition against vaporizer settings to make sure your machine is operating correctly.

What You Can Expect From Us on All Repairs

We recognize that the medical equipment maintenance needs for different types of equipment vary. We make sure to handle each repair with these specific needs in mind. There are a few things that you can expect from Auxo Medical with every repair:

  • Only trained and qualified technicians will complete your medical equipment repairs.
  • Records on your equipment and repairs will be uploaded to your company portal.
  • Equipment loans and rentals are available if needed.
  • Cost-effective upgrades and refurbished equipment will be available.
  • Medical equipment valuation and liquidation services if requested.

We also offer service plans, many of which are equivalent to the equipment manufacturer’s plan, but with lower hourly repair rates. See our different tiers and what each tier offers on our website. Emergency services are also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Contact Auxo Medical Today

Having equipment that is up to date may be necessary for your facility to be safe and efficient. Equipment that is not properly maintained can be unsafe for patients and may increase your facility’s downtime. Contact Auxo Medical today if you need repairs, calibration, or medical equipment maintenance.

Why Auxo Medical Is the Best Choice for Refurbished Medical Sterilizers

Budget constraints are an unfortunate reality for the medical industry. Doctors and medical staff want to focus on providing top-quality care. A great way to provide top-quality patient care while keeping budget expenditures low is to rely on refurbished medical sterilizers and other equipment.

Refurbished Medical Sterilizers Available from Auxo MedicalSteris Stage 3 Series 16’ 3013 Sterilizer

Auxo Medical provides a wide range of refurbished medical sterilizers. Our team of trained and qualified biomedical equipment technicians have over 50 years of combined experience refurbishing medical equipment to manufacturer standards. We specialize in sterilization and work with many of the most common types of sterilization equipment.


Autoclaves are among the most common ways medical professionals sterilize equipment onsite. Autoclaves use a combination of pressure and high-temperature steam to kill harmful bacteria and viruses.

We offer a selection of refurbished autoclaves from reliable brands like Tuttnauer and Ritter. We restore these devices to match the original manufacturer specifications, so you know that your equipment will operate safely and reliably.

Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizers

As versatile as autoclaves are, not all medical equipment can withstand the heat and moisture of a pressurized steam solution. Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) sterilizers may be the perfect alternative. VHP sterilizers use hydrogen peroxide as a disinfecting agent without exposing equipment to the pressure and moisture used in autoclaves. This may lead to energy and water savings and is an environmentally friendly solution.

At Auxo Medical, we have an AAMI-certified technician on staff. This knowledge and experience shared with all our trained and qualified technicians help keep our equipment at peak performance. Whether our clients are buying refurbished equipment from us or have existing equipment that needs work, we can help provide services that may keep their facility operating at joint commission standards.

Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers

Ultraviolet sterilizers use UV-C light to destroy pathogens. UV-C is a non-toxic solution for sterilizing food, air, water, and facility surfaces. Ultraviolet light destroys bacterial and viral genetic molecules.

Our ultraviolet sanitation solutions are a safe and powerful way to meet a facility’s anti-microbial needs that are growing in popularity. Auxo Medical offers a variety of ultraviolet sanitation products. Our products are designed for mobility and easy integration with a facility’s existing systems. UV sanitation is a reliable way to keep work spaces clean and sanitized.

Benefits of Working With Auxo Medical

The refurbished medical sterilizers we offer are only part of the benefit of working with Auxo Medical. We also work to provide high-quality, reliable service to our customers.

Onsite Maintenance and Refurbishment

Auxo Medical takes steps to minimize the downtime of our client’s equipment. Our service technicians travel to customer facilities with all the needed parts for scheduled maintenance. Emergency service calls are also made with most of the necessary parts on hand. This allows our technicians to repair medical equipment in as little time as possible.

Our trained and qualified biomedical equipment technicians can often upgrade or refurbish a client’s current equipment without leaving their facility. This is an excellent way for them to save time and money while keeping their ability to treat patients efficiently.

24/7 Emergency Service

Medical emergencies don’t wait for holidays, and neither do our technicians. We make service calls whenever needed so our client’s ability to treat their patients is not undermined by malfunctioning equipment.

Service Plans that Fit Our Clients’ NeedsPreventive Maintenance Service Plans

Every medical practice has its own needs. Auxo Medical accommodates these needs by offering four ongoing maintenance service plans.

Our Alpha plan offers clients complete maintenance and repair coverage for one fixed price. The advantage of this plan is that parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance are covered, making the client’s service costs easy to predict and budget around.

The Beta plan covers parts and labor for scheduled maintenance of our client’s equipment. It also covers labor for unscheduled service calls. With this plan, the client only has to pay for any additional parts needed for emergency repairs. With some careful planning, a client may save money with this plan.

Auxo Medical’s Gamma service plan covers labor for scheduled and unscheduled service calls. This is an excellent plan for clients willing to be proactive in maintaining their practice’s equipment.

Our fourth plan, Delta, is another excellent option for clients who favor preventative maintenance. The Delta plan covers parts and labor for scheduled maintenance.

Visit our website for further information about our various service plans.

Customer Community Portal

Good record-keeping is as necessary as functioning equipment. Our customer community portal lets clients track their support cases and tag equipment. This makes scheduling service calls easy and keeps the client information up to date. Clients can also review the terms of any current or past service agreements they have made with us. They can check which equipment is covered by their plan.

The community portal also gives customers access to any necessary maintenance and service documentation. This can be a great time-saver when documenting their regulatory compliance or dealing with insurance companies.

Work With Auxo Medical Today

Auxo Medical seeks to provide high-quality products and services at an affordable price. If you are interested in working with our team, contact Auxo Medical for more information.

Steris HC-900 Evolution Sterilizer | Auxo Medical

Auxo In Action – Installation of Steris Evolution HC900 Steam Sterilizer

Installation of Steris Evolution HC900 Steam Sterilizer

This past week Auxo Medical installed a Steris Evolution HC900 Steam Sterilizer at Calyxt’s facility in Roseville, MN. It was a pleasure to help Calyxt ( achieve the highest level of soil and equipment sterilization in their sustainable agricultural initiatives.



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