Seven Things to Know When Selecting Auxo Medical Hospital Rental Equipment

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Are you looking for a hospital equipment rental that meets the demands of your patients and staff? Auxo Medical, LLC supplies affordable new and refurbished medical equipment for rental with fast turnaround repair services. Here are some things you need to know when selecting Auxo Medical hospital rental equipment:

Expected Patient Upsurge

Planning for more patients is beneficial as you never know when to expect an influx. Find out the necessary equipment to manage the population increase from previous rental patterns. Conduct regular patient census and equipment audits to determine which Auxo Medical hospital rental equipment your facility needs.

Quality of Equipment

Quality is advantageous in the healthcare industry, as it aids in obtaining accurate findings. This can be difficult to calculate, particularly if you are setting up the business. Hospital equipment rental should be of the highest quality, providing uninterrupted service during the rental time frame. At Auxo Medical, LLC, we stock new and refurbished hospital equipment from companies we trust. The brands we work with are well known in the industry for providing quality services.

Poor quality equipment can negatively affects your patient’s treatment, the recovery process, or your brand’s reputation. Get the appropriate software version of the equipment from Auxo Medical, LLC. This applies to both brand-new and refurbished equipment. With good quality and proper software, you confidently take advantage of modern technological advancements and patient care.

Technical Expertise

Technical skills are a key aspect that helps identify the perfect equipment. Go for a vendor with excellent technical expertise to get value for your investment. At Auxo Medical, we possess the technical knowledge to deliver quality equipment and the dependability to create a long-lasting relationship. We guarantee dependable equipment service and repair whenever you need us. The efficiency of your healthcare facility depends on how quickly problems are resolved. An equipment operation delay results in customer loss, downtime, and decreased revenue.


Buying new equipment can be challenging due to heightened funding costs, equipment shortages, and increasing technological innovations. Auxo Medical hospital equipment rental provides a quick alternate solution that is less expensive while working with a budget.

We offer rental alternatives for different types of equipment. You can rent the equipment for a specified period at a fixed monthly installment. You can either renew your rental agreement or end the contract after the rent period elapses. Shop around and research to analyze the options offered by various vendors. Choose a vendor that offers high-quality equipment at favorable terms.

Credit Score

Monthly repayments are variable and depend on a vendor. Your eligibility for hospital equipment rental depends on your creditworthiness and that of your business. The credit score is not the primary influencing variable regarding your approval to receive the equipment. Even if your credit score falls short of the required threshold, you may still secure a lease by either:

  • Placing a substantial security deposit
  • Providing collateral
  • Assuring that your healthcare business has a healthy cash flow
  • Having a guarantor

Your organization’s cash flow is key in evaluating your eligibility for a lease. This assures the vendor that you’ll be able to pay the agreed fixed monthly lease payment.

Reliability of the Vendor

Auxo Medical has a proven track record for providing high-quality rental medical equipment. To provide the best service for your patients, you need to work with a vendor that is trustworthy. As a small business, we are dedicated to providing quality services for your business. Auxo Medical is available to answer any questions or concerns you have with the equipment. 

Don’t be caught off-guard when your medical equipment malfunctions. We provide inspection and repair services for our medical rental equipment. Your business won’t have to reschedule procedures or lose clients due to faulty appliances. Work with Auxo Medical for high-quality services.

Type of Equipment You Require

Equipment is either designed to perform a single task or to multitask. Examine your facility’s specific needs and compare them to the function of the equipment you intend to rent. This helps you decide to select a medical hospital equipment rental that meets your requirements.

Get Reliable Hospital Equipment Rental

Medical hospital equipment is key for the treatment and recovery of your patients. Hospital equipment rental is a good alternative for providing your clients with the latest technology without spending a fortune. Finding the appropriate equipment that meets your needs is easier when you pay close attention to the small details.

Selecting hospital equipment rental does not have to feel like a daunting task. At Auxo Medical, LLC, we specialize in the supply and repair of both new and refurbished medical equipment. We are here to take care of your value-based medical equipment solution, such as:

  • Healthcare systems
  • Ambulatory surgery centers
  • Laboratories
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Private physician practices

Contact us today to learn more about how we will assist with your medical equipment.


Different Medical Sterilizers We Provide

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A medical sterilizer is a machine that kills or eliminates germs from medical devices, such as surgical tools and equipment. They are an important way to maintain the health and safety of a hospital. At Auxo Medical, we have sterilizers to meet the needs of your specific treatments and practices. 

Read on to learn about the different medical sterilizers we provide.

Different Medical Sterilizers We Provide

Steris LAB250 Sterilizer

This is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for your sterilization and disinfection needs. The Steris Lab250 Sterilizer is a fully automatic sterilizer designed for the most demanding applications. Its sterilizing time is significantly faster than other standard sterilizing models. It is a low-maintenance, cost-effective, reliable sterilizer that provides dependable, high-quality results.

Steris HC-900 Evolution Sterilizer

The large chamber opening makes this model simple to load and minimizes steam usage, reducing operating costs. This device is ideal for sterile processing departments (SPDs) who want to increase the number of equipment sterilized. Sterilization containers, trays, and packs may be processed quickly and efficiently in this large chamber (660 x 953).

Other features include:

  • Copper, stainless steel, bronze, or brass plumbing options are available for producing purified steam
  • Horizontal automatic opening with a safety stop function
  • Easy-to-open locking mechanism for manual hinged door
  • Simple-to-use loading mechanism
  • Non-lubricated, steam-triggered gasket
  • Two-year guarantee

Tuttnauer Plasmax 160 Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilizer

This is a new design of a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer that is more energy-efficient and user-friendly. The device sterilizes medical equipment by diffusing water into the chamber, then converting it into plasma. Medical materials and instruments are safely and quickly sterilized using plasma and water vapor. No dangerous residue is left, making it a reliable, effective, convenient, and economical sterilization method.

Other features of the medical sterilizer include:

  • Real-time dynamic graph display
  • 48 to 163-liter chamber capacity
  • Advanced and flexible controller
  • Multi-color display
  • Lumens PCD (Process Challenge Device)
  • Vertical sliding door
  • Multilingual screen options (26 languages)

Steris Stage 3 Series 20″ 3023 Sterilizer

These sterilizers are designed with stage 3 controls, resistance temperature sensors, hinged forward-facing cabinet panel, steam purge, and steam bleed. They have a pressure relief valve and an internal battery backup for cycle memory.

Other features include:

  • Hydrostatically tested pressure chamber
  • Single radial arm manual door
  • Stage 3 controller with thermal printer
  • Interior chamber size of 20″ x 20″ x 38″
  • Recess mount
  • Thermal display with touchpad operation
  • Pre-vacuum configuration

Cabinet Package for Steris 400 16″ Sterilizer

This high-efficiency sterilization cabinet is designed for use by small-scale sterilization services at high-volume production facilities. It consists of a series of fully enclosed vertical sterilization chambers that can hold up to three 25-lb sets. This medical sterilizer has an efficient container to fully enclose sterilized instruments and allow them to be used without being contaminated.

Additional features include:

  • A water-saving electric vacuum pump 
  • Basic flush and drain capabilities
  • A vertically sliding door with a control pad for hands-free unloading and loading
  • A functional steam generator
  • Easy-to-use touch screen controls

Steris Amsco Century 1262

This sterilizer comes with liquid, gravity, leak, and daily air removal (Bowie-Dick) test cycles. It offers fast and efficient sterilization with heat and moisture.  

Other features include:

  • Cost-effective and durable design
  • Automatic shut-off option (which saves energy)
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly design

Steris Amsco Eagle 3043

These sterilizers are cost-effective and high-quality. The Steris Amsco Eagle 3043 is equipped with gravity, pre-vacuum, express, flash, daily air removal test cycles, leak test, and efficient heat sterilization.

Other features include:

  • Hydrostatically tested pressure chamber
  • Single Radial arm manual door (optional hinge)
  • Stage 3 controller with thermal printer
  • Interior chamber size of 24x36x8
  • Recess mount
  • Thermal display with touchpad operation
  • Pre-vacuum configuration or gravity configuration

Skyton Integrity 270 Sterilizer

The Skytron integrity 270 Medical sterilizer offers new levels of productivity and efficiency. It is simple to use and takes up very little space. It provides an integrative water conservation system that reduces overall water use with each cycle.

Other features include:

  •   Dual-walled, completely encased pressure vessels made of stainless steel
  •   5.7-inch LCD color touchscreen display
  •   Processor for up to 16 25-pound trays
  •   12 standard cycles and 12 completely personalized cycles
  •   A countdown timer and progress bar is visible from over 30 feet away
  •   Pipes made of stainless steel and copper
  •   An electric door locking and unlocking system

Get in Touch With Us Today for A Medical  Sterilizer

Are you looking for medical sterilizers for your health facility? If so, we have the medical sterilizers you need. We are one of the most trusted names in our industry and offer professional service with a personal touch. Get in touch with Auxo Medical today and fill out the online form. One of our professional staff will be happy to reach out to you and help you find a sterilizer model that best meets the needs of your business or practice.

steam generator

Need a Steam Generator? Why Work With Auxo Medical

A steam generator plays a key role in the effectiveness and safety of medical procedures. It can eliminate microbial contamination on reusable hospital devices, surgical tools, and other objects. With Auxo Medical, you can find high-quality new or pre-owned steam generators suitable for any situation.

We provide our customers with the best value for their money. Here are the reasons why you should work with Auxo Medical:

We Offer Varieties Of Steam Generators

At Auxo Medical, we provide varieties of steam generators that are high quality and fit in any location. We offer various options that meet the needs of your application. Our main focus is to make sure your facility keeps running. The steam generators we have offered include:

54KW, 208V Steam Generator

A Mini Electric Steam Generator (Boiler) is electrically powered and produces no noise or pollution during operation. The product uses a cabinet design style, has an exquisite appearance, and has a small interior structure. It is a perfect choice for those looking to save space.

All Stainless 80KW, 480V Steam Generator

The base frame and hood are of stainless steel and have an integrated switch box. It has a multi-system that combines several steam generators as the modular system comes with a variety of individual components, you have a multi-system that generates more steam.

Pacific Steam 30kw 480V Steam Generator

Pacific Steam Equipment’s operations and the manufacturing process are subject to inspection by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Authorized Examiners. This makes sure that Pacific Steam Equipment’s boilers are safe and reliable.

Chromalox Steris Powerpack CH10 102kW Vertical Steam Generator

This generator is a reliable heat source that produces low or high-pressure steam or heat water for various purposes. The generator is used for industrial and commercial operations. During the factory qualification process, each unit undergoes comprehensive testing and is pre-validated according to the client’s requirements.

We Have Reliable and High-Quality Products

Auxo Medical is a leading supplier of premium steam generators and accessories for the healthcare industry. We are committed to excellence and providing complete after-sales support with our trained customer service representatives.

At Auxo Medical, we’re dedicated to providing you and your patients with the highest medical care. We provide many services and products, including our effective steam generator. Our product is reliable and efficient, allowing your entire facility to operate at peak performance with minimal downtime.

With our generators, your facility will continue operating for many years. Since they are highly efficient and reliable, they offer many operational advantages to your medical facility. Our product makes sure that you and your patients are covered, in case of emergency situations.

Get Started Today

Are you looking for a steam generator? Auxo Medical delivers top-quality products and medical equipment repair. Our processes are driven by a shared mission of exceeding our customer’s expectations for medical equipment. Our staff has built the confidence of our customers by providing superior products and services. Get in touch with Auxo Medical today for affordable and high-quality steam generators.

Surgical Table

What Sets Our Surgical Tables Apart?

Surgical tables are some of the longest-serving pieces of equipment hospitals can purchase. These tools are the centerpiece of operation rooms, so they should be designed correctly for the job that needs to be done. A good surgical table should be adaptable and functional, but there are also tables designed for certain procedures. At Auxo Medical, we provide a wide selection of surgical tables based on the demands of your specific practice.

Here are some of the key features that set our surgical tables apart:

What Sets Our Surgical Tables Apart

High Quality

One of the best things about our surgical tables is that they are made of the highest quality materials. We integrate brands such as Maquet, renowned for their surgical table technology. It is believed that of the approximate 700,000 surgeries performed every day globally, one-third of the operations happen on Maquet tables.

Easy to Use

Besides being high quality, our tables are quite easy to use. They are not only the center of operation room workflow but they are also effortlessly functional. The controls are specially designed to be easily maneuvered. The headrests, arm boards, and other attachments also attach and detach.


It is almost impossible to imagine surgical tables as luxury furniture, but comfort can affect the procedure at hand. Doctors and medical staff should choose surgical tables that are comfortable, safe, and effective at managing pressure points. Our tables are also designed to remain comfortable no matter what adaptations are required by a given procedure.

Our Table Designs

Auxo Medical’s tables are unique because they come in a variety of tailor-made designs. You can purchase a table that was made specifically for your specialized surgery. Each of the following tables was designed with convenience and practicality in mind:


Otologists tend to prefer tables that tilt or “airplane” on a lengthwise axis, which our tables can do. There are also tables specially designed for multi-specialty centers and orthopedic tables that require significantly more articulation and positioning, and radiolucence for intraoperative fluoroscopic imaging.

Cystoscopy and Urology

Surgical tables for cystoscopy and urology are designed to provide surgeons with an easy-to-operate table for delicate procedures. The tables provide precise control over different movements and reduce the time spent in surgery.

These tables’ design also helps cut down the risk of errors. They incorporate specific positioning functionality and precision foot controls to allow easier access to the area of treatment. The tables are also perfect for seed implantation and maximizing access to the C-arm when performing imaging procedures.


Bone mass decreases as people age, leading to orthopedic ailments such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, dislocations, and fractures.

Orthopedic tables are designed to provide patients with greater comfort when undergoing procedures such as knee or hip replacement, myelograms, and osteosynthesis. They are also designed with integrated traction bars to treat traumatology extension.


Neurology procedures require the highest form of precision. Our neurology tables are designed with a wide range of features to offer the best possible patient access. Their exceptional positioning allows doctors to perform surgical procedures with ease. Another incredible feature of neurology tables is that they give doctors precise control over their patients’ movements.


Although almost all surgical tables can provide doctors with a certain level of imaging support, the most advanced medical imaging procedures require a specialized imaging table. It allows doctors to perform imaging procedures that require longitudinal/lateral float and Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg.

These tables also allow for specialized 3D imaging and fluoroscopy procedures, including vascular and catheter tray extension such as lateral tilt and cardiovascular procedures.

General Surgery

General surgery tables are perhaps the most used tables in the operation room. For this reason, our tables are not only of the highest quality but also integrate a wide range of features required to guarantee successful surgical procedures. They are designed with angle adjustment capabilities to help doctors easily reach surgical areas.

Installation Support

Surgical tables perform in their top-notch condition when they are properly installed. At Auxo Medical, we provide full-service installation support so that you don’t have to worry about movement errors while performing surgical operations. If you don’t want to hire an installation consultant, our new equipment also comes with onboarding materials that guide you through proper installation.

Ordering Surgical Tables

Surgical tables should be precise and of the highest quality, like all medical procedures and equipment. Whether you are looking for orthopedic or otologist tables, your ideal table should be capable of providing you with all the features you need to conduct a successful surgery.

Contact us at Auxo Medical for medical equipment solutions or repair services. We will work with you to narrow down the functional demands of your practice and which model would work best for you. We’re also happy to provide you with training courses on how to use each feature of our equipment.

Inside Look: The Role of a Biomedical Technician  

What does a Biomedical Technician (BMT) do? 

It cannot be overstated just how critical the role is of a BMT. Professionals in this line of work are responsible for servicing, maintaining, and repairing medical equipment, machines and devices that touch the lives of patients all over the planet.  

Their responsibility ranges from handling preventative measures such as cleaning, as well as calibrating various functions of the equipment. 

A BMT is acutely knowledgeable of machines throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities that they can confidently disassemble, make repairs to, and then reassemble equipment. In order to maintain this level of expertise and ensure optimal levels of safety are in place for both staff and patients, the BMT must stay current in modern technologies within the medical field. 

Certainly there will be times of stress, when perhaps a machine needs immediate tending to, so it’s important for the technician to remain calm under pressure. 

Some examples of equipment that a BMT might work with are defibrillators, monitors, x-ray machines, and other speciality machines you’d find in dental or optometry offices. 

In addition to technicians using their hands, they will also be adept at working with electric tools, computer software, and smoldering irons in order to service advanced medical equipment.  

Where are BMTs employed? 

BMTs typically work inside hospitals, healthcare facilities, and other specialty medical practices. Due to the nature of many healthcare businesses being open seven days a week, sometimes even overnight, there are BMTs who will be required to stay “on-call” for emergency situations, i.e. when repairs are promptly needed.  

Being responsible for repairing equipment within the medical community means that a BMT could come into direct or indirect contact with patients, which opens up the doors for exposure to illness or disease. Of course safety measures are taken seriously to protect technicians in these situations. 

There are instances when repairs are not urgent or life-threatening such as fine-tuning a wheelchair, however some more complex equipment may require regular assessments and maintenance in an effort to avoid major issues. 

Are there any educational or certification requirements? 

As a general rule, earning an associate’s degree in either biomedical technology or biomedical engineering is appropriate. In some cases, when working with speciality equipment, a bachelor’s degree could be necessary; that degree could also enable more opportunities for advancement. 

Additionally, BMTs may be asked to take certification exams, but at this time, technicians are not legally required to to be certified. Some BMTs will focus on an area of speciality, while others have training to service a vast amount of machines within the medical industry. 

It is feasible to be hired for a BMT job that only requires on-the-job training, but those roles will likely consist of straightforward, simple repair jobs.  

Also, due to the nature of ongoing advancement within the medical space, continuing education is a significant aspect to the job. Biomedical technicians must stay informed and on top of industry changes. Having a team of qualified BMTs is pivotal in order to keep up with the ever-evolving healthcare industry. 

From time to time, Auxo Medical hires BMTs — be sure to check out our job postings page for more information. 

State of the Union Address: Medical Devices 

Here are top 3 most notable difficulties to have plagued the medical device manufacturing industry in recent years: 

1. Rising Production Expenses 

Due to a variety of reasons, the United States is experiencing one of the toughest supply chain setbacks in ages.  

We learned in Economics 101 class that supply drives demand, and demand drives price tags. When it comes to taking a medical device from a concept, to a tangible product, the effort is nothing short of monumental. The list of expenses is also not a short one — from research, to design costs, to labor, to raw materials, the process isn’t cheap. 

Once the device is ready to be used in the market place, the retail price is generally derived from the cost incurred on the frontend.  

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Medical Devices: Supply Chain Issues & Improvement Efforts 

There are countless lessons learned since the pandemic began in early 2020. One of those learnings include the importance of medical devices — to both healthcare systems as well as public health in general. 

Not only did shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE) cause a frenzy, but so did other essential devices such as ventilators, testing supplies, and tools necessary to conduct vaccines. 

The coronavirus pandemic showed tremendous vulnerability in our supply chain, both nationally and abroad. It also exposed just how much the United States relies on devices and raw materials imported from other countries, including China. 

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Case Study: Sterile Processing Repairs & Maintenance

Any hospital would agree that sterile processing departments are the artery of their facility. Without a fully functioning, efficient operation in place, the business could not effectively perform their duties, and subsequently would not generate revenue.  

Because sterile processing is integral to practically every facet of healthcare delivery, when a machine malfunctions or needs some level of maintenance, it slows down the bottom line — treating patients. 

At the end of 2020, Auxo Medical was procured by a regional healthcare system with 11 hospitals in the United States to replace their OEM service support. Auxo became the sole provider for preventative maintenance (PM) as well as repair support. 

This healthcare system’s units had been disorganized prior to Auxo Medical’s involvement; servicing the units had been a headache and caused a cascade effect of problems whenever maintenance was necessary. 

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Melatonin Supplements: Friend or Foe?

A research letter, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), reports that Americans are heavily relying on melatonin supplements to help them sleep. 

What is Melatonin? 

Our bodies naturally produce a hormone, melatonin. It is made by the pineal gland in our brains, but is also found in other areas including our eyes and gastrointestinal tract. 

It is commonly referred to as the sleep hormone since it’s associated with helping people fall asleep faster. Yet, it’s important to understand that the hormone is not going to nudge you into a coma-like state. Melatonin’s role is to simply prompt your body that it’s time to unwind and fall asleep by governing your circadian rhythm. 

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Defibrillator Compliance 

As of February 3, 2022, accessories for non-FDA approved automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and professional defibrillators, “must no longer be supported by manufacturers,” according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

The FDA informed the manufacturers, distributors, owners, users and prescribers of all AEDs and defibrillators about this update.  

For a unit to be considered non-FDA approved, that means the manufacturer failed to file for a premarket approval application (PMA) prior to the modified deadline of February 3, 2022. The revised compliance policy deadline was intended to give facilities additional time, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, to acquire FDA-approved AEDs, and for manufacturers to file the necessary PMA for accessories. 

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